Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition - First PC Screenshots

Here are the first PC screenshots of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

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kagon012678d ago

"Street Fighter 4 was one of the most pirated games of 2009. And this time around, Capcom will try to minimize the pirate copies of this game by implementing an Online DRM. SSF4AE for PC will be making use of what is called GFWL SSA technology. This basically means that you will need to be online to enjoy Capcom’s fighting game. In case you run the game in offline mode, you’ll only have access to 15 of the 39 characters, you won’t be able to save any progress in challenges or settings and won’t have access to any DLC you’ve purchased.

If on the other hand you’re online and you temporarily lose your connection, you’ll be able to continue playing for a limited time or when you exit to the menu. You’ll be then asked to sign back in and if your connection is back online way before you try to exit to a menu, the game will continue without any issues at all."

Pure filth...

A kick in the balls to legit PC gamers...

iamgoatman2678d ago

Capcom aren't brightest bunch are they? Do they really think implementing such pathetic DRM is going to actually deter pirates? This will just encourage people to torrent it, whilst legit customers have to deal with another Ubisoft DRM wannabe.

A year late and filled with DRM? That just SCREAMS buy me! Capcom can shove this up their ass.