Why I haven't unsubscribed from Sony's PlayStation Network

zdnet: Following the nightmare that was the global security breach in Sony’s PlayStation Network, many PlayStation 3 owners gave up. Some even started selling off their games and consoles. But I’m not giving up. Here’s why.

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Joni-Ice2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

PSN is where its at. LOVE it. I have been gaming for years and been through other crisis like the PSN with other companies. PSN will bounce back. I was a day one owner of a 360, spent all night camping outside of Best Buy to get one. During the RROD time, I thought it was the end of 360. NOPE, they bounced back and it made them stronger. The same will happen with Sony. PSN and LIVE are great services that I hope will stay fruitful.

killcycle2676d ago

psn is free.
Thats why i haven't unsubscribed.

What other possible reason does anyone need?

Elimin82676d ago

@ killcycle

"psn is free.
Thats why i haven't unsubscribed."

Yeah really! You took the words/letters right from my keyboard!

darthv722676d ago arent really subscribed to PSN unless you are a plus member.

ipconflict2676d ago

This comment on the site is so funny:

"I take it you don't have cable TV? They have like 40 or so, so called free music channels why spend money on Q? Play your music CDs on the PS3? I personally removed all my CC info when i re signed up. There choice of PS3 games is piss poor and mainly geared to there hand held hardware. "

This statement is so backwards I don't know where to begin...

Elimin82676d ago

I'll start it.... LOL..

Daver2676d ago

stupid "article" that no one cares.

Dart892676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

*stupid "article" that no one cares.

And yet you took the time to comment it looks like you care a lot:D.

Rybakov2676d ago

its true tho i could really careless if people unsubbed from psn cause of the outrage instead of patiently waiting like we all did

Daver2676d ago

its not like it took me time to do so...

Nes_Daze2676d ago

I think it's dumb to not use PSN anymore just because of that incident, but then again half of the people that say that are just fanboys underneath. I enjoy PSN a lot, it has the same quality as other networks, but for free. Not to mention there's a huge virtual community called Home, also for free. The way I see it, this PSN hack will only make PSN stronger, and keep the trolls and kids at bay.

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The story is too old to be commented.