Sony Reconfirms NGP's 2011 Release, Still Aiming to Get PSN Online Before The End Of May

According to Phile-web, Sony stated the NGP will still be out in 2011

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MitchGE2313d ago

It would be nice if the PS Store is up by this weekend.

Dart892313d ago

Maybe it returns back on Saturday just like PSN online did one can hope can't they??

remanutd552313d ago

sony E3 press conference will answer a lot if not all questions about NGP ( release date in NA being 1 of them ) i just hope the system gets a holidays 2011 release date with Uncharted , Wipeout and ModNation Racers as part of the first party launch line up , if they can squeeze Motorstorm in there even better !!!!!

Raendom2313d ago

If it's out by Christmas... I don't think I'll be able to sleep on Christmas Eve lol.

SuperStrokey11232313d ago

I hope that both of the items discussed in this article are true.

White-Sharingan2313d ago

Please, release it on America first >_<

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heylo2313d ago

US and Japan 2011
Europe (and Pal-Regions) March 2012 (like allways...)
this is just my guess

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The story is too old to be commented.