Forza Motorsport 4 Confirmed for Autumn Launch, Limited Collector’s Edition Revealed

Gear up for the highly anticipated launch of Forza Motorsport 4 this Autumn, as the highest rated racing franchise of this generation returns, exclusively on Xbox 360. Gamers who are one of the first to purchase Forza Motorsport 4 will receive an exclusive five car pack.

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zacharyfry2556d ago

wow i cant wait till it comes out bc it sounds like fun. and i love Xbox360

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green2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

RUF's now included along with standard Porsche's is fantastic news to hear. It would be really cool if the Koenigsegg Agera 2011 had the option to attach the roof box. Really excited to hear more about what Forza World will be and also more news about the ability to join clubs in Forza 4.

Anyway, i have bought every Forza game day one and Forza 4 will be no different.

The_Ultimate_Guy2556d ago

Agreed. Forza remains the uncontested racing sim this gen. That game will always find it's way into my library. I have all forza's as well since Forza 1 on my Xbox.

Turn 10 just keeps putting more and more into the franchise. It's amazing how they manage to put so much content in a game and still manage to release the game in a finished state.

awiseman2556d ago

I want to see some more gameplay, e3 is taking forever.

josephayal2556d ago

So FORZA 4 Looks Like It Will Be The Best Looking Racing Game Ever

zeksta2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

FORZA LOSS, Nuff said..

Seriously though, if this game has that arcade similarity to it's predecessor, it's going to be nothing more then Need for Speed with some slightly higher graphics, assuming the graphics are going to be alot better..

Yup, you guy's just keep on disagreeing without reason, just keep it rollin', even though you know what I'm saying is truthful.

hennessey862556d ago

is no hardcore sim its also far from arcadey. Its a sim with forgiving handling but I challenge you to drive the TVR speed twelve with no assists on, My gamer tag is hennessey861. We will race around suzuka 3 laps. Then tell me its need for speed with better graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.