Modern Warfare 3's Manhattan level shown and detailed -

Modern Warfare 2 thrived on the idea of a burning American flag, but it looks like Modern Warfare 3 won't be content until it has nasty terrorists dancing a merry jig over the smouldering remains of the entire Western world.

Modern Warfare 3 wants to be big, bigger, and indeed the biggest, so it's swapped the scope of Modern Warfare 2's city streets and quaint little suburban picket fences for hulking skyscrapers and exploding skylines. Where better place to start, then, than New York City and its iconic towering buildings?

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Trunkz Jr2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Like the rest of the previews I've read, they all say the same thing: Same Old Call of Duty, just better then the last ~ great for all the CoD fans, but for the others it might just make them move to BF3 for a new fresh gameplay.

PoulCast2680d ago

True, I'm getting BF3 without a doubt this time, only because it's THE Battlefield. In my opinion, Bad Company was a terrible game, plain and simple. Gameplay was dull and slow, not a tenth of the fun you had in Call of Duty. Battlefield 2 is however an epic shooter and I will definately purchase it's sequel.

Raven Software & Sledgehammer does have me awaiting MW3 also, but I won't buy it before alot of reviews.

midgard2272680d ago


you are going to wait for reviews? you know they are all gonna be 10/10, the reviewers get paid to do so, so why would you trust them lol

Spitfire_Riggz2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

In my opinion Call of Duty was boring and dull. Run and gun all day long. Bad company 2 gave you so many choices of tactics with vehicles and the classes.

Sabian1872679d ago

Fresh gameplay my left nut.
I liked the BF2 campaign.
As I am sure I will like BF3's campaign.
But...I have very low expectations for anything really "new" or "fresh" in the overall game play for either BF3 or MW3.

MW3=Run, aim, shoot. OR Camp, aim, snipe.
Bf3=Run, aim, shoot. OR Camp, aim, snipe. Or Run get in a Tank, Chopper, Jet. But with that last one most of the time it's some moron that get into the Chopper/Jet for a couple of second and then crashes in a Mountain/building or worst yet tank camps while shooting a building for 10 minutes not actually doing anything.

Paralex2680d ago

Best. Game. Ever. And you can't deny that!

Wizziokid2680d ago

well I think many people will deny that

Paralex2680d ago

They will, but deep inside they know I'm right. They love to troll and hate. Like I said, it's the best game ever.

Sabian1872679d ago

I won't say best game ever.
I will say it sounds epic.
I want a 7-10 hour campaign, and great working extras(spec-ops and survival).
I just hope they stay more to the MW2 MP game mechanics instead of Black Ops's.
BlOPs hit detection blows.

awiseman2680d ago

I hope thars sarcasm. I denyed it last night when I rage quit mw2 from a lobby full of hackers and quickscopers. Nearly broke my controller to.

This game is trying to mimic Crysis 2 by using the new york skline to.

Paralex2680d ago

So you had a bad gaming session so you think people are hacking? We all have our bad days, doesn't mean the game is bad.

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