The Witcher 2 Patch Postponed

CD Projekt still haven't released the patch for the Witcher 2 that was supposed to be available yesterday.

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caboose322677d ago

Ummm, I'm pretty sure the patch is up now, because i just fricken installed it. Article is irrelevant.

somerandomdude2677d ago

what was the patch delayed a couple of hours. omg.

AlienBlaster2676d ago

Well the article was new when i posted it, but it took a looong time until it was approved.

Ninjamonkey822677d ago

Yeah ive an hour and a half damn well download on the way ffs :) Hope its a patch lol.

1PC2PS333602677d ago

patch is up...load times are HALVED!!

Nice work CDprojekt.

you guys rock, the load times were already fast but now...damn, very quick, with all settings maxed except ubersample i am getting an extra 5-8 frames per second

average at about 50, in busy areas, 60 in normal, very, very cool CDP!!!

What a freaking sweet game!!

outwar60102676d ago

can i play this on my acer predator g59000-1 (can you run it says i can run it on max setting and would just like a second opinion)

Thecraft19892676d ago

You will struggle to run it, next time build yourself. You get ripped of and very shitty cheap hardware if you go for something from the manufactures.

outwar60102676d ago

i got it for £400 brand new which in my eyes is a bargain as ive had a crappy philips mt2000 for like 10 years lol

kevnb2676d ago

Should run ok on low at 1280*720. Gpu is a bit weak, but the low settings still look nice.

kramun2676d ago

I think you'll have trouble running it even on the lowest settings. You might want to invest in a new graphics card, check this handy graph out! -


This would sort you out for a fairly cheap card, I'm thinking of getting one myself -

Although you might need to get a new psu, not sure what you've got.

caboose322676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Im pretty sure you will be able to run it but maybe not on highest settings. What gpu does it have? A GT 340? I've been playing the game with an ancient GTS 250 and it struggles quite a bit on high/ultra settings, but still playable.

outwar60102676d ago

yh a 340 it should be okay on medium, no?

caboose322676d ago

Yea I would hope so, wish they would release a demo for people to try it at least.