Demon’s Souls Sales Increase In Japan

Demon's Souls tops the charts in Japan...again.

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Frak2488d ago

What a Epic game this is.

dangert122488d ago

Fantastic game and a must buy for everyone who owns a ps3

afterMoth2488d ago

I wouldn't say it is for everyone but it is epic! Initial learning curve is a urn off for some but if you make it through the first hour it gets easier (not always but enough to get thoroughly hooked). The atmosphere is superb!

Marquis_de_Sade2488d ago

One of my favourite games of this generation and I'm looking forward to Dark Souls.

NukaCola2488d ago


Yeah Demon's Souls is not for everyone, but I highly recommend everyone at least try it. It will truly teach you a few things about yourself as a gamer. I know I learned a lot about being patient and making choses before taking action.

frostypants2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Agree that it's not for everyone, but that's part of the appeal. Demon's Souls is to games what fine scotch is to booze. Not everyone can handle it, but those that can handle it understand its greatness.

Some people even complain that the game LOOKED and FELT too oppressive and depressing for them. For some reason, I just love that a game could scare people away like that. Demon's Souls does not f*** takes itself dead seriously. That's rare.

I loved how you never knew what to expect in this game. The level design and enemies were inspired, and the thin story actually helped provide mystery around it. Hopefully, they don't mess with that formula in Dark Souls.

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ApexHell2488d ago

just bought it new game is epic

DigitalAnalog2488d ago

Damn, I still have 3 more bosses before I finish the game but I need the online to be back up in Asia.

-End statement

BlackTar1872488d ago

I played this game thru the 1st time in offline mode. Then the 2nd time in online mode.

Daver2488d ago

I wish demons souls 2 was in production, who knows in might be but at least we have Dark souls which look very nice too.

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The story is too old to be commented.