PSM3 reviews Army of Two...

...then Electronic Arts pushes it into 2008.

Pick up tomorrow's new issue of PSM3, and you'll be able to read the world's first magazine review of Army of Two, Electronic Arts' co-op focused shooter. But thanks to the game being recently delayed, you won't actually be able to buy it until some unconfirmed date next year. So what's the deal?

Well, if you head on over to PSM3's official blog, they take the effort to talk us through the problems. The answer's not so simple. For instance, developers are having problems with PS3 development or simply finding porting 360 games to Sony's platform an irksome process - witness Stranglehold, which has been out for ages on 360, but still isn't out on PS3.

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InMyOpinion4071d ago

Why did they have to delay both versions if the one for 360 is complete? I'd love to try it out this year. Could be a tactical move also, the winter season is kinda crowded.

toughNAME4071d ago

Sony has a habit of dragging others down with it

GTA for example

Skerj4071d ago

Maybe I read the wrong article attached to the story but I could swear PSM3 is a Playstation magazine and the code they reviewed was said to be the final PS3 code. So what does any of this have to do with the 360? They delayed the game to fix gameplay issues for EVERYONE, this isn't just a PS3 thing. Stop looking for things that aren't there. I'd rather them delay the game because frankly there's enough games coming out this holiday season that we won't miss it too much and it'll HOPEFULLY be better when it does come out.

EZCheez4071d ago

All I can ever picture there is a bunch of whiners with a bad work ethic. We get that they are having problems with developing for the PS3, but if they spent as much time trying to figure out how to do it the right way as they do whining about how they can't, they would probably have it down now.

mighty_douche4071d ago

classic! you pretty much summed it up dude, have a bubble.

Umbrella Corp4070d ago

beautiful,great u deserve a bubble

fredy4070d ago

too then I can't forget PS3 fans have way more Excuses

Don't forget this list
- The Sony PS3tard Excuse list posted a while back[forgot who]

"I hate EA" (and UBI, Activision, Capcom, id, Epic, and 2K)
"EA is MS's b!tch"
"MS funds all review-sites"
"EA=Peter Moore"
"Just Wait"
"Just wait till 08"
"just wait till 09"
"Lazy devs"
"ring of death"
"EA sucks"
"EA can't make good games" (Battlefild, most sports titles, Burnout, The Sims and upcomming Crysis and Army of Two)
"f**k EA"
"f**k Peter Moore"
"f**k MS"
"EPIC UNREAL engine is CRAP"

Now who has more excuses?

anyhow we'll see about this one.

InMyOpinion4071d ago

I think they are starting to shape up though. Their non-sports games are looking better than before. I'm kinda hyped after playing Skate and the NFS: Pro Street demo.

blusoops4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

You played the Pro-Street demo?! on PS3? from where? I'd like to play it too, I haven't seen it on PSN.

Edit: I got a disagree just for asking questions? lol...anyways thanks for the info Dlacy...hopefully it'll come out on PSN tomorrow.

Dlacy13g4071d ago

Pro-Street demo was released on X-Box Live yesterday...pretty good too I might add. Very arcade feel to it in the demo but you can tell there will be some meat to the game.

Ignorant Fanboy4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )


zonetrooper54071d ago

Well I think its better to release this game next year when its kinda empty, while for people to pick it up. I am looking forward to this game and it does look good, just keep on polishing this title.

lonestarmt4071d ago

yeah I'm pretty sure they still have work to do on it. Maybe they sent a final copy out before they realized they needed more time? ooops.

I'm actually glad it got pushed back, there is simply just too much coming out this holiday for me to get this, so the delay is actually going to increase my chances of buying it, unless it gets bad reviews across the board, then no chance..

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