Gamespot Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 First Look Preview

In case you hadn't heard the news, there's a new Call of Duty game coming this year in the form of Modern Warfare 3. Picking up immediately after its 2009 predecessor, Modern Warfare 3 will tell the story of US Delta Force operatives and British SAS forces teaming up against the Russian ultranationalists who have made the critical mistake of invading their home turf. Indeed, battles will be waged in both New York and London--among other locales--as you seek to deal with the Russian threat using a little tactic called "any gun you can get your hands on." Activision was kind enough to demo a slice of both the New York and London sections of the game at a recent press event leading up to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, so let's get into the nitty-gritty of what you can expect from the latest installment in what has become the biggest video game franchise on the market........

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Shackdaddy8362674d ago

So some parts are just like the old CoD and some parts are worse? This game sounds less interesting every day...

I will admit though that fighting in London as the SAS sounds pretty cool. I always liked that place...

Crazyglues2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Yeah sadly the game is sounding less and less interesting the more I hear, the more we are finding out it's just more of the same... Little twist here and there..

-But I guess that's what we expected.. I'm still hoping the game will be good, maybe during E3 we will see something interesting..

I'm still wondering if they went hard on the customization for multi-player or if it will just be more of the same..

knowing Activison there will be no demo- and we will be lucky to see multi-player before launch...

Fingers are crossed hope we get a good game, if not no worries, we have plenty of amazing titles coming out this year..