GameOn: Interstellar Marines Interview With Kim Haar Jorgensen Part 2 of 4

GameOn writes - "If you look at the first person shooter gene pool, you'll see that is largely dominated by two entities, Call of Duty and Battlefield. However there is always a section that deserves more attention than it actually receives. These developers are trying to evolve the genre, try something new and give a unique experience to the end user that ultimately supports them.
We were given an opportunity to interview one of these pioneers, Kim Haar Jørgensen is the game director of Interstellar Marines which is a community funded triple 'A' indie title from the humble bunkers of Zero Point Software"

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Taz Yamauchi2674d ago

I could have sworn I saw this game being shown for upcoming ps3 games back in 2005 before the ps3 even hit the shelves, I guess it been upcoming for the past 6 years now


Your right, it was originally shown for both 360 and PS3 way back in the day.