New Marvel VS Capcom 3 Shadow Battle 06 DLC now available

New MVC3 DLC is now available to download

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BigKev452680d ago

Whatever happen to new character DLC?

jetlian2679d ago

super sf4 ae coming june 7th. they want peple to buy those. If mvc3 get some it won't be till later like oct-nov

dericb112679d ago

They might also be waiting on PSN too. I would think they want to offer it to everyone around the same time.

phoenixdown2680d ago

i wanna play as sakura and megaman.

DeleteThisxx2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Then you better go back to MvC2 cause you won't be getting that in MvC3

(Sakura, at least)

CrimsonEngage2675d ago

I could have swore i posted here already. Anyways, MK get's new characters already and MVC3 still hasn't gotten shit except for shadow battles? Gtfo.