OXM: Modern Warfare 3 Preview

OXM UK: "The last thing we saw from the Modern Warfare gang, apart from most of them being dumped in a large pile and being set on fire, was Price carrying Soap up into Nikolai's helicopter. "Da. I know a place" intoned the Russian, somewhat mysteriously. Turns out, however, that he knew a whole bunch of places."

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Trunkz Jr2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

"The eye-watering engine behind Battlefield 3" *Drools*

Truth be told, I never got MW2, and won't be getting MW3, but the storyline sounds pretty kewl, I don't think BF3 can top a WW3 storyline.

PhantomT14122679d ago

"It doesn't take the most powerful nations of the world to create a global conflict. Just the will of a single man..."

That sums up the dumbness of Modern Warfare's storyline.

I can't get more excited about BF3's plot though, it seems like a random iraq/iran conflict from what we've seen... I hope they could bring a WW3 scenario in a more credible way than IW did.

CaptainMarvelQ82679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

MW2 had a story??
all i knew was.....