VG247 preview: Modern Warfare 3 shown in London

VG247: Activision officially pulls the curtain back on what will almost inevitably be the biggest game of the year. New screens, gameplay details.

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Call_me_Ishmael2610d ago

They said there would be more destruction,i guess its the same false lies they crap out every year,however i dont really see destruction playing into cod that much,leave the destruction to battlefield,ill take my fast pace gameplay on cod.

StanLee2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Call of Duty will never have dynamic destruction. The game itself isn't dynamic; It's all scripted set pieces so destructibility doesn't really work in a Call of Duty game. Whatever destruction is in the game I'm certain it's scripted sequences.

joab7772609d ago

I just hate the intro...what will inevitably b the biggest game of the year. I really hope not. I candefinitely tell u that for me and many of my friends, its no longer a must buy. Couple the fact that the lineup this year is crazy and I may not even buy it. Battlefield 3 is first for sure.