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The initial showings of Modern Warfare 3 very much indicate a continuation of the familiar Call of Duty blueprint of blockbuster FPS action. The game's pacing sticks to the 'bigger, harder, faster, and more explosive' school of video games development, which is good or bad depending on your perspective. It seemed a shame that the stealth section in the London mission was so brief, as the game rather rushed into the action, but hopefully this demonstration is just the high octane taster and there will be better pacing in the full campaign. Certainly, Modern Warfare 3 will need to be at the top of its game when it comes up against the stern challenge of Battlefield 3 this autumn.

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Trunkz Jr2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

It sounds like he wasn't completely blown away by the experience, in order words "just another call of duty".

Now tho I am more of a Battlefield fan, I don't think his comment on "BF3 Visuals" should be taken seriously since its all been seen on a high end PC (even tho PC MW3 will probably be like the rest ~ a last min. port) despite what activation says about it having an optimized version (they said that about MW2 when they took out Dedicated servers, etc)

I think it will be a good game for people to continue the MW storyline, but thats about all.