Modern Warfare 3: Destruction Is Purely Scripted

Activision showed two levels from Modern warfare 3's campaign in London earlier this week. NowGamer was there to see it all, and learned that he destruction isn't as good as Battlefields.

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Feckles2552d ago

Battlefield will have the superior engine, but does destruction really make a game like this any better? I'm not convinced it does.

BeastlyRig2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

When destruction is a major part of gameplay I think it makes it better! We are not talking about shooting a shelf & books falling off! We are taking about the wall u call cover no longer exists anymore or that building no longer exists!

Which effects other things like knowing the building came down because you are the guy in the jet who dropped the bombs!

Know way you can say it can't enhance the experience by a good margin over mw3!

Yi-Long2552d ago

... and Battlefield 3 will be the better game this fall!

theonlylolking2552d ago

LBP 1 and 2 has full destruction. LBP2 has even more destruction than BF3...just sayin.

COD this gen always has a scripted destruction part in the story mode.

M4I0N32552d ago

i definitely gotta agree with Beastly Rig. The destruction really enhances the strategy behind the gameplay, allowing you to approach your target in multiple ways. I gotta say, it really has helped in tackling some campers!

Pixel_Enemy2552d ago

Destruction in multiplayer makes A HUGE DIFFERENCE! MW3 will be just like the rest of the COD's this generation. You will memorize the maps and camp behind corners and walls that will be there till the end of time. BF has destructible environments in it's multiplayer and when you hide behind a wall one minute, the next minute the wall is gone! Forcing you to move to cover elsewhere. It's dynamic and it adds a lot to the game play.

Heartnet2551d ago

Hmm i dunno.. i didnt like Battlefield because of the destruction.. doesnt work imo tehres a good amount and when uy can destroy buildings its not neccessary

X-DominusRebellis-X2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Wow so instead of being innovative they simply copy other games out there and have scripted destruction? Destruction is what makes a game feel real. It helps you to kill those annoying little camping buggers too by launching some c4 on a wall and blow it up.

Let me guess, there will probably be another sniper mission in MW3 too right? That was probably the highlight of any COD games. They should just give up on MW and make a sniper game based solely on Ghost or something.

Hairy Chewie2551d ago

My fav moments in Bad Company 1/2 were when I had someone guessing if I'd be coming from door A or door B, so instead, I came throgugh wall C. Destruction is great :)

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Optical_Matrix2552d ago

Then you've never played a Battlefield game. Playing Bad Company 2, holding down a building and taking out guys from the windows, then one guy on the opposing squad realises where we are and gets in a tank and brings the building down, we need to get our asses out of the building before it comes down on top of us and at the same time avoid getting picked off as we exit the building.

Equally using grenade launchers to chip away at the walls, exposing squads that are hiding up in the attic of some random house and gunning them down before they realise. Trust me, destruction effects gameplay immensely. Makes it a lot more tactical and just way more fun imo.

Feckles2552d ago

Fair point, guess I need to play more BFBC2!

Trunkz Jr2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I'm still laughing at how when BF3 boasted their destruction, activation was all like "well we have Destruction also... *cough scripted* big deal who can't make something always fall down the same way every time, this is 2011 things should be more advanced now, the hell?


LightofDarkness2552d ago

Feckles, if everyone played a bit more BC2 and Team Fortress 2, the world would be a better place :)

I guess that's really the line in the sand with COD players and the rest: the team work factor. COD players seem to be more like social atoms in most games, striking out on their own with no regard or interest in the team or objectives, just killing as many as possible in a short period of time. COD is a game that rewards that kind of playing over anything else, which is why more socially cooperative gamers like to play games where their teamwork is rewarded more than their killstreaks, and winning/capturing objectives is paramount.

Thus, play BC2 for more than it's destructive element. Play it for it's constructive elements :p

awi59512552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Yes it does i clear out all the trees in the sniper camping spots where they can shoot easily into 2 capture points on BC2. It ruins their day and makes them fight in known areas of the map. And unlike call of duty when a sniper decides to climb into a attic they just cant stay there all day and knife people as they climb up. I blow the roof off that bitch and now that sniper is sitting naked and exposed on the new patio i just created. If hes not dead already from the tank round i just sent through the wall.

And if the little camper isnt dead yet i just keep firing untill the building falls and crushes him. When i get a group of friends we destroy every building on the map and turn the match into a free for all lol. No hiding everyone come out and fight lol.

LightofDarkness2552d ago

Yeah on large maps we do similar stuff. Blow the roofs, make clearings and then hunt the hunter with da choppa. It's like watching rats flee from a bright light when you're up in that cannon. Pew pew pew!

Cheeseknight282552d ago

Modern Warfare always touted it's series as a "gritty, realistic version of modern-future warfare." So, if they are being realistic, why aren't environments destructible?

I'm most definitely picking up Battlefield 3 this fall, I'm not sold on MW3 yet though. I will say that I've come to realize that people might be overboard on the COD hate, as it's less milked than other franchises such as Madden or Need for Speed. Only difference is that Activision has 4 studios (IW, Treyarch, Sledge, Raven) all working on the same game, which is just a bit overkill. Not to mention the whole West/Zampella debacle which we still don't know all the details on. But milked? Not quite yet, I don't think.

Vherostar2552d ago

Did anybody think differently?? This isnt battlefield people the maps are tiny and there isn't destruction get over it. At least you can choose a colourful custom tag for your name right?

--------2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )


But really, If you like COD, you like COD - it's all a matter of opinion. What's my opinion? BF3 baby.

There's no better feeling in a war game than leveling a whole building to the ground, crushing all the surprised gamers inside.

Clarence2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Yes it does. Destruction brings a whole new element to the game.

@clizzz Multiplayer will not be scripted, because your not dealing with a scripted storyline.

bviperz2552d ago

Go ahead, camp that house, I'll just take it down.

Yes, destructible environments really does make it better.

darksied2551d ago

Well, try playing Bad Company 2 and your squad is holed up in a building while another team is outside shooting and lobbing grenades at you; pieces of the walls keep disappearing and so is your cover. THEN you get that warning that the building is coming down. Nothing is more nerve wracking and intense.

I_Guts_I2551d ago

Destruction makes everything better.

Anyone remember a game called Red Faction? COD has scripted destruction when a PS2 game probably will have better destruction physics and animations in it.

MW3 better have COOP survival.

RBLAZE19882551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

WOW...sure didn't see this coming. I knew they wouldn't have any destructible environments or enhanced engine features...same old shit.

superrey192551d ago

If you played Bad Company 2 you would see that it makes it so much better. Nothing like blowing a camper out of a second story building with a well placed rpg... and ensuring he wont go there again :)

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Wizziokid2552d ago

tbh I think MW3 will be fine without it, I love destruction in games but I don't think they could match DICE and Frostbite 2 on this one, would just be dead weight.

still not interested in MW3 as of late though, lets hope they change something up a bit. hope..

Gamer_Z2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

I just want to see some real gameplay, I’m not interested in seeing a bunch of scripted set pieces from the SP... -___-

TheTruth892552d ago

i think the same... but there no proof ATM

Convas2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I will say again, whilst there's more unscripted destruction in BF3 because of Frostbite 2.0, DICE already said that BF3 will be WAY more scripted than any other Battlefield to date.

So expect some explosive scripted cinematic destruction just like in Modern Warfare 3.

BeastlyRig2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

So what if single player is scripted! As long as destruction in multiplayer isn't scripted it cool!

@below indeed!

It's good to know the scripted destruction in single player is possible in multi player! no worries..

Trunkz Jr2552d ago

Yes! See it's not just about the Singleplayer Destruction, it's MP where the long term gaming counts and destruction plays a big role, MW3 probably won't be much at all for the MP, where as BF3 will be glowing in this area.

awi59512552d ago

But not in multiplayer where cod wont have any destruction.
Where in BF multiplayer you can destroy every building to the groud.

awi59512552d ago

And in battle field even in single player you can lvl
almost any building to the floor boards.

AdmiralSnake2552d ago

Destructible environments isn't really good for multiplayer least on COD.... that would just make people wanna use garbage grenade launchers and majority of the community is complaining.

I don't mind seeing it getting destroyed with a chopper gunner etc.

End of the day multiplayer terms things they need to fix 1. Dedicated servers 2. The lag 3. Hit detection 4. Make it balance. Don't even think about adding anything new without having these 4 key things addressed.

Dacapn2552d ago

Well to add destruction to COD, the developers would have to redesign the way you play the game. Right now the is meant to be how it is.

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