Modern Warfare 3 First Look: Great Action, But No Innovations

Videogameszone had the chance to take a first look on Modern Warfare 3. They write: "Great action, but no innovations".

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EYEamNUMBER12613d ago

when was the last time a FPS was innovative...
its all been done to death there isn't much you can innovate that hasn't been done already

BeastlyRig2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

not completely true!

on some platforms devs know they must try harder!
& on top of that it's 64 players!




some things I have never seen before! But essentially fps's are the same devs have to add little features to evolve it..

caboose322613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Oh god Red Orchestra is gonna be AWESOME!

JsonHenry2613d ago

Yeah, too many people complain about not enough "innovation" but what exactly does that mean? Obviously something "new" that works well is always a plus. But you can make a SOLID-AAA game without re-inventing the wheel.

StanLee2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )


I was just about to ask the same thing. Everyone's jumped on the Battlefield 3 bandwagon but from the 12 minute trailer they've shown, it's the same tired FPS formula; man that heavy gun, take out that sniper, man that turret. Same generic set pieces in every FPS today.

Ravenor2613d ago

It's the MP for Battlefield, the SP is really just a nice addition. 1942,Vietnam,BF2 and 2142 had no SP and I was perfectly fine with that. Who knows how many PC players will even realize it's there.

NukaCola2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Condemned - Heavy Melee in a FPS
Bioshock - Exploration/Survival Horror
Portal - Puzzle Shooter, Physics
Borderlands - FPSRPG, Online MP Integration System
Killzone 2 - Cover, Warzone MP Mode,
Mirror's Edge - Free Running in FPS
Fallout 3 - Open World RPG
Far Cry 2 - Fully open world FPS
BRINK - Team OBJs, Individual OBJ Based Shooter

These were definitely some titles that were a big innovation to the genre. Of course, with these, being said, I guess they are running out of fresh ideas. All though I have to say I AM ALIVE was looking kind of awesome, but we will see if it comes out.

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led10902613d ago

No its not just fps thats not being NOT innovated. Its call of duty. You would think that after so many iterations, they would at the very least add something new. But its the same thing. Now its just for the profit. The game no longer matters to activision. Just the sales they get from it

BeastlyRig2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

If you created the most successful shooter ever & put out the same game every year & people bought it more than the last time 3/4 years in a row would you be motivated add something new?

I hope Dice kicks ass!

claterz2613d ago

Exactly, why would IW or Activision want to waste their time thinking of innovative ideas. And I guess they're also worried that if they change it so drastically they could risk loosing the thing that makes CoD games so addictive.

raddbj032613d ago

i hate all the innovation complaints. to me, that just means a game is so well made that the only negative thing people can say is that it's not innovative. where in the gaming community did innovative = great?? cod has developed a tried and true formula, why risk that on innovation when they can just tweak what is already great??

there is a growing cod hatred building...but not because its a bad game, but because its top dog.

wsoutlaw872613d ago

no its honestly cuz its pretty bad, don't get confused. It has some of the worst sp ai which for me ruins the game, your guy floats around like hes in a hover car, online is filled with bugs and lag. There are thousands of videos of just how crappy COD can be online with direct hits not registering, quick scoping, guys out running bullets to the side because of lag, knife issues, and some of the worst spawning i have ever seen. The thing is, is that its just way to easy and made so your mother can pick it up and get 10 kills, thats why it sells. Once you figure out the spawning and what guns to use u go 30 and 1 like every time and its just not fun. Plus the game has just been getting buggier every time and the way over priced map packs. It has nothing to do with it being so well made.

raddbj032612d ago

maybe i just have a different definition of bad than some gamers. bugs and glitches are never going to go away, so im realistic.

bad is this stuff - unplayable lag, no party system, very few maps, very few game modes, horrible hit detection...the list can go on and on.

these are things that other fps, which don't sell well, have that cod does not (for the most part).

i'm not saying its perfect, but its better than any other alternative. does that make it good or great?? maybe not. but please people lets be honest - the cod series is some of the best online multiplayer on consoles that a fps fan can find.

i dare anyone here to name a game that's far superior...i don't think you can. all the hate is from all the success.

wsoutlaw872612d ago

yes it is good but the truth is mw1 was the best out of all of them. the gameplay isn't even close to the best fpss out there because everything is unbalanced and glitches. The hate isn't because of the success, its the fact that their success is causing them to not care and produce worse games than the one before it. COD has the most user friendly menus and options but not the best gameplay.

Nes_Daze2613d ago

It isn't as much pure innovation as it is just changing up a few things within the singleplayer. Make no mistake even COD fans will eventually get tired of the franchise, they need to find a way to keep COD from getting repetitive.

Dart892613d ago

They need a new engine more develop time and a freaking BETA to help rid the game of bugs and glitches.

Idk but what do you guys think is this real or fake??

midgard2272613d ago

its COD, they dont have to even try and it will sell millions for the name alone, even if a COD sux everyone still plays it, its so bad

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