Modern Warfare 3 goes to London; tube chase detailed - writes: "The tube chase was one of the most noticeable set-piece moments from the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer, but in the actual game the sequence is somehow even more dramatic. It's much longer, for a start, and the context is more fleshed out - you're trying to stop terrorists deploying a chemical agent in Westminster. When the enemy-occupied tube carriage does derail the destruction is eminently more pronounced, too, defying the laws of physics to smash through ornate architecture like a cannonball fired at a greenhouse."

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midgard2272679d ago

Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare 3 is gonna be lame. same crap, new maps

Raven_Nomad2679d ago

Go whine about it some more then......

I am sure you complain about COD but praise games like Killzone, Resistance and Metal Gear, which is all the same crap, new maps.

Get a life kid.

Kee2678d ago

Hey, what's wrong with resistance and metal gear?