Modern Warfare 3 : Eurogamer hands-on

EG: "So, where were we? Oh yes. Russia has invaded the continental United States. An armada has arrived on the shores of the eastern seaboard, battles have been fought around strip malls and fast food joints, and gunfights have torn up the White House lawns."

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ninjagoat2526d ago

Sounds like more of the same in all honesty.

Trunkz Jr2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Yep, the previews seem to say the same thing: same old Call of Duty, just better (great if your a CoD fan tho).

At the previewers comment at the end, I think MW3 will probably have the better Singleplayer storyline (Obviously, they've had 2 other games to build it up to) but I think Battlefield 3 will take the MP aspect seeing as everything is fresh and built from the ground up (not reused.. everything) plus has been in the works since at least 2007 (CoD4 came out 2007), so thats many years of perfecting a MP formula and taking ideas from other games and learning from them (like mistakes of MoH, ideas from BC2 and all the CoD games past CoD4).

Keep in mind that because of all the Call of Duty fans it will easily outsell BF3 despite whatever BF3 will pull off, but to finally give BF PC fans what they've wanted, and to give console players a true Battlefield game it will probably be the best selling Battlefield title to be released which is still a win (EA needs to forget about outselling CoD already).

PhantomT14122526d ago

I love how the author sounds enthusiast... (/sarcasm)

AdmiralSnake2526d ago

This is the only Call of duty game where I actually wanna play the story.... I wanna know what happened to my fav characters Soap, Captain Price, and Nikolai if I spelled his name correctly.

PhantomT14122526d ago

Well they gonna die and revive for the next MW. Just like Fast & Furious characters ya know.

AdmiralSnake2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Let me guess you played the story ? Thats right you didn't go troll somewhere else dude.

Seen you plenty of times on COD aritcles... you're clearly biased why you keep commenting on the articles lmao ?


Yet you keep trolling and commenting articles and it doesn't excuse your behavior. I forgot N4G the land of double standards and clear biased yup another typical hypocrite trying to sound smart *shrugs*.

You may not be making the most hateful comments towards COD but you still are doing it and even hilarious you're aware of doing it. You're part of the problem but its okay. I can already see the type of people on this site and I really don't know any of you personally

The ones defending something because of personal feelings instead of trying to unbiased. I don't even care too much for BF3 and I personally hated the second one.... you know but you don't see me trolling every article with Battlefield in it.

PhantomT14122526d ago

The whole storyline has been leaked weeks ago.

I'm not making the most hating comments towards CoD and I still had little hope for a game with two studios but today's previews imply all the same thing: an over-scripted generic shooter.