London Mission is Modern Warfare 3's 'No Russian'

Modern Warfare 3 looks set to cause intense controversy in the UK. Activison showcased the London mission 'Mind the Gap' in London earlier this week. NowGamer has a full report on the level here.

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fastrez2279d ago

How long before the Daily Mail jumps on this?

zootang2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Well that was yesterday so you are late my friend, lol.

Did you read the article??? I only mentioned it because you were expecting something that has already happened. No need to go on the funnies. How is it I have less bubbles than you? I don't offend people by calling them morons???

fastrez2279d ago


Not late at all. Daily Mail were moaning about the setting, not the specific moment NowGamer describes in the article.

So you aren't just late. You're a moron too.

Oh and yeah, lol.

Nicaragua2279d ago

sometimes its better to admit you were wrong rather than trying to be smart and making a total bellend of yourself.

ninjagoat2278d ago

gave ya a bubble for being a United man ;)

RedDead2279d ago

I get to shoot the brits? Good stuff

Feckles2279d ago

Doesn't sound like it'll be quite as controversial as no russian but you can guarantee there won't be any american civilians harmed in MW3.

rezzah2279d ago

America was attacked, but you never saw any civilian running around, the place was dead empty.

jimmins2279d ago

Think they already have - they won't stop until after the game is out...

jimmins2279d ago

Thas mot true you1 ps3 is it with No russian and bad controller.

sonicsidewinder2279d ago

Stop adding fuel to this piece of shit's fire.

Uncharted3Goty2279d ago

these wont end just like no russian everyone going to talk about these mission no russian is still talked today and not in a good way.

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