Modern Warfare 3: Co-Op Campaign Confirmed

NowGamer: Infinity Ward has confirmed that Modern Warfare 3's campaign mode will feature two-player co-op...


Co-op corresponds to SpecOps, not a Co-op campaign.

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Feckles2610d ago

Is there some kind of score attack game here too?

ilikestuff2610d ago

soooo much mw3 news my head is spinning, coop is cool though, maybe theyre going to do it right with this one..... eh, probably not though

galgor2610d ago

This is confirmation of Spec-Ops, not co-op campaign ¬_¬

Feckles2610d ago

You should read the article.

Infinity Ward: “Aside from the campaign we have Spec Ops, two-player co-op which we’re going to bring back to Modern Warfare 3 in a very big way, and of course multiplayer, which is just amazing in itself.”

Jonoc332610d ago

Yes. Spec Ops. That's not campaign co-op, that's a whole other feature.

MidnytRain2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )


"During the session, Sledgehammer’s VP & general manager Glen Schofield confirmed that the core campaign would feature two-player co-op."

The way the article is worded almost sounds like the writer is contradicting himself. It's hard to understand exactly what he's saying.

slavish32610d ago

@feckles you should read the article because galgor is right

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Jaces2609d ago

Spec-Ops was pretty awesome in 2, glad to see this coming back. :)

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e-p-ayeaH2610d ago

Hard to not be excited for this when youre not a hater.

RyuCloudStrife2610d ago

haters are exited too but they are haters

Convas2610d ago

I'm excited. I mean come on.

For a company that got gutted and lost most of it's upper and senior management, and a company that hasn't made an official game yet, Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward seem to be making more progress that I ever imagined they would.'s Preview even said that while the graphics aren't all that different from MW2, the textures have been improved quite a bit. Interesting stuff indeed.

Now we just need some console BF3 footage, and things should REALLY get interesting around here.

Paralex2610d ago

Battlefield 3 is blocking the excitement for MW3. MW3 will DIE this November. BF3 FTW!!!

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