Activision Minds the Gap in Modern Warfare 3 [The Gaming Vault]

In order to save some time at E3 in a few weeks, Activision were kind enough to hold a Pre-E3 event that allowed UK games media to check out their games line-up ahead of time – and so TGV was lucky enough to get some eyes-on (but hands-off) time with Modern Warfare 3.

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Herminator2678d ago

What?! There's a new MW? I hadn't heard about that all over the internet everywhere.

PS3Almeida2678d ago

It's true ... Activision going to milk their fat cow again.

AP2678d ago

People STILL love it, though. The BF3/MW3 battle will be super interesting, though.

2678d ago
PS3Almeida2678d ago


Don't call me Troll. I just said what was on my mind. The last good COD was COD4:MW and everything after it was for the money. And the sad thing is that many other and much better games get overcovered by COD every year.

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Rybakov2678d ago

Pre-E3 event??? it involves shooting everyone who attends....and Activision claiming that it is perfectly okay

Sidology2678d ago

I do hope that Battlefield 3 crushes Modern Warfare 3.

With every inch of me.

AKissFromDaddy2678d ago

However, if the old Infinity Ward team was REUNITED....CUZ IT FEELS SO GOOD, I'd buy both, but knowing that MW3 is shipping with %50 less of OLD Infinity Ward is foreshadowing disappointment to me.