Activision Minds the Gap in Modern Warfare 3 [The Gaming Vault]

In order to save some time at E3 in a few weeks, Activision were kind enough to hold a Pre-E3 event that allowed UK games media to check out their games line-up ahead of time – and so TGV was lucky enough to get some eyes-on (but hands-off) time with Modern Warfare 3.

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Herminator2553d ago

What?! There's a new MW? I hadn't heard about that all over the internet everywhere.

PS3Almeida2553d ago

It's true ... Activision going to milk their fat cow again.

AP2553d ago

People STILL love it, though. The BF3/MW3 battle will be super interesting, though.

AdmiralSnake2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )


Yes Activision is going to milk their fat cow again.

And you same pathetic N4G trolls will keep trolling the articles and complaining again for another year.

You know because from a business standpoint its very logical for activision to not release another COD when Black ops sold over 10million copies on both the PS3 and Xbox360.


You said what was on your mind...

1. It was pointless because it wasn't even related to the damn article.

2. It was clearly trolling anybody with a brain can see that.

3. Judging from your comment history you're clearly biased towards Call of duty period.

4. Just like you said before you're sticking to BF3 so why the hell are you even commenting...


Also Battlefield 3 will lose against Call of duty.

Youtube viewer for the Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 trailers. 4 Days and it's already passed 6 million views.

Youtube Views Battlefield 3 one month trailer 4.2 million views....

It will lose in sales very badly. Not saying it won't be a good game but it will never outsell Call of duty not this generation at least.

---> BF3

----> MW3

Plus BF3 has a 12 minute gameplay walkthrough.... Call of duty had less then a 2min trailer and surpassed it easily lmao.

PS3Almeida2553d ago


Don't call me Troll. I just said what was on my mind. The last good COD was COD4:MW and everything after it was for the money. And the sad thing is that many other and much better games get overcovered by COD every year.

AdmiralSnake2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Hopefully Modern Warfare 3 can deliver. Dedicated servers would be a huge help...



I think they already confirmed they was on twitter or something not sure. I hope they do I have faith that they will bring it to consoles.

AP2553d ago

They would, but sadly I doubt it's gonna happen :(

Rybakov2553d ago

Pre-E3 event??? it involves shooting everyone who attends....and Activision claiming that it is perfectly okay

Sidology2553d ago

I do hope that Battlefield 3 crushes Modern Warfare 3.

With every inch of me.

AKissFromDaddy2552d ago

However, if the old Infinity Ward team was REUNITED....CUZ IT FEELS SO GOOD, I'd buy both, but knowing that MW3 is shipping with %50 less of OLD Infinity Ward is foreshadowing disappointment to me.