E for All Video: Link's Crossbow Training bird attack on Wii

Nintendo Co. last week demonstrated Link's Crossbow Training for Wii at the E for All Expo in Los Angeles.

In the new video, a stationary Link targets flying enemies in a training level.

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Bubble Buddy4069d ago

that looks like the game in wii play, but it looks pretty cool since the wii sapper is there

akaFullMetal4069d ago

looks kinda like duck hunt, but with link, nothing really special, but its actually pretty cool that it comes with the zapper, ill give it that much

TruthbeTold4069d ago

Can't beat it. No matter how you look at it. This one will be a best seller for certain, and played to death.

rjguess4062d ago

This kind of game would get old really fast. I think. I just hope wii gets better games next year. Right now there are only what 5 maybe 8 good games. The best so far is metriod prime,zelda tp,hmmm soon mario galaxy, smash brothers brawl, rygar, resident evil ubc will be nice. I sure hope they come out with more and show what the system can really handle. Not a bunch of cheap put together games to make a buck.