FPS Tribe previews Modern Warfare 3′s ‘controversial’ London level

Activision demoed Modern Warfare 3's answer THAT airport scene at a pre-E3 event this week. FPSTribe took the tube and previewed the already demonised London level

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Speakindatruth2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

It's only demonized because they're not used to a war setting in London unless it's in a fictional WWII-related setting (like Resistance). Bullshit is what it is. You've got no problem playing MW2 and watching DC burn to the ground, but when it's your modern country, all the sudden all hell breaks loose.
What if someone was to say "MW3 is unconstitutional because it features fictional violence in New York, where the World Trade Center was in 9/11?" You'd get pissed because you can't play MW3.

Fuck you for being hypocrites.

CanadianTurtle2612d ago

Its just a game, wow...not to mention its fucking FICTION

Theres fiction books written all over the world about things even WORSE than this...