PS3 Attach Rate Increases Further

Sony has released their latest financial statements and it looks like their attach rate has increased further.

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reynod2679d ago

"Sony may have posted a $2 billion loss for their last fiscal year"

Gulp, attach rate should go up much faster if they are ever going to bring this into the black then think about recovering all the previous losses. Then get ready for more losses when they need to launch next console.

IronFist2679d ago

That's for the entire business though, PlayStation made a profit despite having all the issues.

Substance1012679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Playstation 2 made it to profitability in its 2nd year. Playstation 3 is currently in its 5th year and still in the red. There is a big difference between the 2. We are almost into the time frame where a new gen needs to start already.

Are Sony going to start another gen with losses? while they havent made a profit from the previous gen?

Also its worth mentioning when the PS3 initially launched, PS2 bore alot of the losses, infact PS3 losses were so bad they wiped out any profit that was made from the PS2 gen. Sony need to get PS3 into a position where it becomes profitable and good enough to bare the losses that will generate from initial PS4 sales.

dangert122679d ago

As much as i hate your comment its true.
but i don't think i'm ready for a new gen personally as i know the ps3 is cable of more then whats being shown to me makes me feel abit skanked not being able to use it fully untapped and move i want a sexy move libary too single player move games

Substance1012679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )


No one likes a company that provides millions with entertainment to be in losses. However its a situation where Sony need to get PS3 into the black.


Their financials say otherwise.

Optical_Matrix2679d ago

Sony is making money off of PS3 hardware since June of 2010, I don't know where you're getting your info Substance:

Firstkn1ghT2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

LOL @ Optical Matrix.

Substance is saying the ps3 as a whole has never seen profits. Some reports have shown the ps3 being more of a financial burden to Sony than the original Xbox was for Microsoft. In fact, the ps3 looks to never be profitable.

I said this before in the beginning and will say it again, the ps3 will not see the same success as the ps2. And looks like I'm right. :)

edit; all them disagrees won't change my facts. :)

ZombieAssassin2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

"Sony may have posted a $2 billion loss for their last fiscal year, but their Networked Products and Services division, of which PlayStation is a part, has been doing very well, posting a profit of $490 million."

Should post the whole part not just the part to entice flaming.

What you said is pretty much true but Sony had to see this coming, I mean even if they sold 100million ps3's the first year they would of taken a loss on everyone of them and I'm sure they knew how long it would take for the ps3's to become profitable(at least had people hired to try and predict it). They were also using the Ps3 to try and win a format war and I believe without the ps3 it would of been a much tougher battle and who knows which standard HD discs we would be using now.

I'm pretty sure next gen they won't have to take such a huge loss right away and it'll pretty much be like it was for the ps2 as they'll prolly use blu-ray tech again (one of the main reasons for ps3 high cost) and the price of that has went way down and i'd imagine will be lower when next gen consoles finally ship. Also by then i'd imagine ps3's will be much cheaper and sell more than the ps2 did at it's point in its lifetime especially if the ps3 ever gets down to $100-$150 so it'll help cover initial losses on the Ps4.

gaffyh2679d ago

Sony won't be starting a new gen this year or next year as far as we know.

Denethor_II2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

"We are almost into the time frame where a new gen needs to start already."

Sony has said nothing of the PS4. The PS3's current gen, lifespan seems like it will be longer than the PS2's.

Edit: I know Nintendo are bringing out the next console, but MS have just spent half a billion on Kinect advertising so I wouldn't think they'll waste that support to bring out a new console.
The next gen could be a couple more years yet.

Information Minister2679d ago

@ Substance101 - Your comment is inaccurate. The gaming branch of Sony is profitable. The PS3 is not in the red ( ).

Sony corporation itself (the aggregation of all of Sony's branches) has posted a $2 billion loss, but much of that loss comes from deferred taxes.

Adva2679d ago

Funny guy Substance. Sony has gone on record last year stating that PS3 is giving them profit, other companies have also stated they firmly believe PS3 is making profit and yet we have here firstknight and substance saying Ps3 is making a loss.

Get your heads examined and stop acting like sheep's.

Oner2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

The part I find really interesting is when you analyze the last's basically the quote I mean ~

"PS3 attach rate has increased to approximately 8.5 games per console. In comparison the Xbox 360's U.S. attach rate is 8.9, but there are no numbers for worldwide attach rate, which is most likely a lot lower."

We all know that the 360 in the EU & JP does not do as well as the PS3 (for software & hardware) so the attachment rate would be lower thus making the worldwide attachment rate either at least equal or even possibly LESS than the PS3's.

Edit: Oh and good info Optical_Matrix & Information Minister which shows proof that disputes certain peoples biased opinions (not facts).

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MultiConsoleGamer2679d ago

There's a lot of good stuff to play on the PS3 right now. I really expect a consumer shift towards the system in the coming year.

news4geeks2679d ago

possibly, but I can't help but think that a kinectimals 2 would sway the masses towards xbox in North America.

TBM2679d ago

Only americans would be dumb enough to buy a part two that piece of shovelware. Me being american wouldn't spend one red cent on that crap or the camera.

Shovelware=no buy in my book.

KonaBro2679d ago

Why is no one bringing up the fact that Sony just pre-paid their taxes for the next few years? That explains the loss quite clearly.

Louis_Guzman2679d ago

Because sockpuppets like Substance101 and firstkn1ght would be out of a job.

Ddouble2679d ago

Because they're viewing at as the small print. They see billion dollar losses and jump the gun.

C_Menz2679d ago

Although Sony may have not broken even yet(although I don't think it is as bad as people make it out to be), their next console will be much easier for them financially. For the ps3 they poured billions(I believe they said 2 billion) into just developing the cell processor, and then add that onto selling ps3's for a loss for the first few years and you can see why they are still slightly in the red.

In the end the ps3 will come out profitable, they are making money on each one sold right now and their software sales easily provide them with more income since they own a lot of studios and publish their own games.

Whenever the ps4 comes out it will most likely have an upgrade version of the cell processor and then upgraded hardware to go along with it and therefore will be much "cheaper" to start off the ps4 as it was to start the ps3.

Grannyvukka2679d ago

Firstnight.....Your bang on man, even though fanboys disagreed. It will take something special in future gens for Sony to ever be able to capture back the market share dominance they had with both PS1 & PS2....They set a new record for success & sales with those 2 unbelievably successful machines that no other console maker, or themselves, will ever be able to attain again.

People are quick to bash Sony & jump on them for a few mistakes they have made, as well as bashing THEM for being the victims of criminal activity through cyber terrorist attacks of there free online gaming service (which will be the reason free console online gaming will be no more by PS4)........But praise is never given to SOny for being the company solely responsible for taking gaming to a whole other level. The biggest console sales record, before PS1, was by Nintendo with the SNES with around 60-65million units sold. Sony smashed that by double with both the PS1 & PS2 which both sold 120 million+.

So Sony were the company solely responsibe for taking console gaming massively mainstream. They have some of THE GREATEST games of all time & IP's of all time associated with there name & PS product..Titles like Socom, GT, Medievil, Unchartered, Sly Racoon, Ratchet, Jak & Daxter, MGS1, 3, & 4, SSX, Burnout & Timesplitters (which were PS2 only games & only due to huge success there given sequels on Xbox & GC), Rage Racer, Crash Bandicoot 1-3, LBP 1&2, Motorstorm 1-3, Wipeout, Tomb Raider, SSDHD, Medal Of Honor, Resistance 1&2, FF7, Colin Mcrae, GOW 1-3, The Getaway, Abe's Odysee, Abe's Exodus, Driver, GTA, & this list goes on of either exclusive PS titles, or multiplats that sold so much better on PS1 or 2 because of the massive install base these consoles had, & therefore users like myself ensured future gamers to have access to these titles by buying them & giving them the sales they deserved, which in turn made sure these IP's were not scrapped, or there development houses did not go bottom up like so many have & still are. Look how successful PS1 owners made Oddworld Inhabants, then look what happend to them when they went exclusive to MS (which MS seems to have a knack at, as also shown how .they have ruined the once constant AAA churning out Rare)

Fact is, I have all three consoles (if including my sons Wii) 360 & 2 PS3's are mine, & I buy pretty much everything for my preferred machine, which so happens to be my PS3 due to controller preference, love of Sony inhouse & exclusive developers, & also free online gaming, so unless a multiplat is of Orange Box inferiorority on PS3, I will buy them on PS3, as well as nearly all exclusives, due to the sheer quality & quantity. So I will help with attach rate %'s as much as I can, unless Sony's exclusives start to suck & I am given reasons to switch preferences in regards to controllers, online & multiplat quality.

gaffyh2679d ago

1. Companies can always recapture market share dominance, look at Nintendo, they are proof that you can. They were last place in the past 2 generations, and now they're top.

2. Sony hasn't fallen that far behind, they've already sold almost on par with Xbox 360 worldwide, if not more. And they've reached 50 million sales, whereas Gamecube last gen only sold 25 million.

Anything is possible.

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