Xbox 360 spring dash update released

Eurogamer: "Microsoft has released the spring Xbox 360 system update. You'll be prompted to download it when you turn on your console, presuming you're connected to the internet. The download takes around 5 minutes on a fast connection."

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Bigpappy2336d ago

It took me abot 10 seconds to down load and about 20 seconds to update.

UnbiasedGamer2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

That is good, Sony should add more features in there updates too , and also improve the update system. Updates are pretty long on PS3.. don't know why Xbox 360 does it so fast....and for the game updates as well.

theonlylolking2336d ago

IDK if you have noticed but a MW2 update for PS3 was 100+mb while on the 360 it was about 20mb.

dazzalfc2336d ago

Doesn't the 360 use a different type of compression for its updates/game updates?

gamingdroid2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

It's most likely because MS is a software company. Their SDK is top notch. Just take a quick look at XNA and you will know.

Ironically, the Windows Update needs some serious help....

Itzy2336d ago

I've always noticed that 360 updates were pretty quick.

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DoctorXpro2336d ago

5 minutes? dude your internet is shyteeeee.

Paralex2336d ago

This is why you get an Xbox 360. You can use Paypal now. Sony's pretty much done after this update! w00t.

Chinkyinc182336d ago

What if someone ends up hacking Paypal?

SixShotCop2336d ago

I don't know. Downtime for 3+ weeks?

LocO_o2336d ago

If some one hacks paypal then MS is going to be wealthy rich.

gamingdroid2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Not MS problem and Xbox Live is still functioning and willing to accept your credit card!

Either way, I use point cards because I almost always find them considerably cheaper online, about 25% discount.

dazzalfc2336d ago

I've already had about 10+weeks of 'downtime' due to RRoD issues, so hopefully Paypal will stay secure :)

SlyFoxC2336d ago

How if you dont mind me asking?

SuperSaiyan42336d ago

I do not see a paypal feature anywhere on the dasboard was that for USA only? Or is that feature via

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SixShotCop2336d ago

The update was done in under a minute. Besides the addition of Paypal, there's not much new going on.

outlawlife2335d ago

spring update isn't really a feature update ever, it is usually just general housekeeping

this year it was paypal and the new disc format, the fall updates are the feature rich updates which will surely be announced at e3 as usual

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