LightBox planning to do something special for Warhawk players in Starhawk

Dylan Jobe, the president of LightBox Interactive, says that his team is planning something special for diehard Warhawk players in the upcoming Starhawk.

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Undeadwolfy2609d ago

Hope they implement Sixaxis back into the game. It was confirmed that there would be any sixaxis support. I really want there to be some. I'v arranged an interview Eric Levine to see if we can get some more answers from him.

The_Quiet_Man2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

@ Undeadwolfy
Maybe you could ask them to clarify if the "something special" is being given to everyone who purchased Warhawk (PS3) or if it's only for the players that ranked up to General?

I'm sure alot of WH players would be interested to find out (myself included), I've seen people discussing it on forums.

It took a pretty long time to rank up to General, I played nearly everyday for about 7-8 months & got about half-way (2nd lieutenant) through the ranking. There wasn't alot of General's running around back when I played either & alot of people quit playing before reaching that rank.

Undeadwolfy2609d ago

Thanks, ill ask him that for you. :)

Troublesome6262609d ago

they already said no sixaxis, i hope they do add it back, but it's gonna take some large demands from the hardcore

SeanScythe2609d ago

Nice I need to get back on this game with some friends. It's been to long.

plstcsldgr2609d ago

i hope they carry over the cool knives that we won from that zones tourny

GrandTheftZamboni2609d ago

I hope they carry over warhawks, vehicles and weapons from the original game. Of course, providing they are rebalanced with the new stuff.

BoNeSaW232609d ago

Carry over your character. THAT would be Awesome!