Square Enix – Rumors of an Upcoming FPS to Take Place in the Feudal Japan

Some rumors about Square Enix working on a FPS game has hit the web according to a CV found on the web. It fits perfectly with recent Square Enix announcement about 5 new IP to come.

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Seijoru2640d ago

Thats it, I'm done. This is the last straw.

Optical_Matrix2640d ago

Why not an RPG set in feudal Japan. One of the things I want so bad its not even funny. Oboro Muramasa was closest to this but due to being side scrolling it didn't have that traditional RPG feel (was a brilliant game still though). Why FPS Square Enix? WHY!?!

Cloudberry2640d ago

I want more JRPGs from Square Enix.........