Insomniac: Next gen of consoles won't be about raw power

How powerful will the next generation of consoles be? Will they represent a huge leap over the current technology available? Insomniac’s Mike Acton isn’t sure – but he also thinks this might not be the point.

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stealth500k2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I hope its about genre diversity and innovation in terms of gameplay and art style

Something we havent seen this gen

@ below

what I said was wrong? Every developer is saying it.

news4geeks2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Look at the way fps and tps have developed this gen from last gen. There has been plenty of innovation across the board it is just that once the innovation happened it has remained relatively stagnant and progressed little, largely due to the graphical capabilities.

This is why advancing graphics is so important. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it opens the door to gameplay possibilities that were previously unthinkable.

@stealth - name one shooter on the ps2 that played anything like CoD4, Bioshock or Fallout3 which all pretty much changed the genre up. To pretend that the shooter genre is going to change drastically is ridiculous, it's like saying platformers have remained the same ever since they began because you still jump on platforms. You talk like inventing a new genre is something trivial.

And to further strengthen my point, imagine if we never had the graphically capabilities to render a 3D world. Just think how stagnant gameplay innovation would have been. Now extrapolate this concept into the future and you begin to understand that there will be amazing gameplay capabilities to come. A consoles raw power is crucial in this respect.

stealth500k2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )


You sound really ill informed. fps have remained stagnant for over 15 years at this point. All the same basic gameplay and story.

Graphics are just one thing that help with immersion (like others) but in terms of making a good game graphics are the least important (still important) thing

"@stealth - name one shooter on the ps2 that played anything like CoD4, Bioshock or Fallout3

How about fallout 2 and 3? Or call of duty 1,2,3? How about system shock?

"which all pretty much changed the genre up."

Lol no they didnt

"To pretend that the shooter genre is going to change drastically is ridiculous"

When did I say this. I am just talkign about calling a spade a spade

Soldierone2372d ago

I don't see the logic in the graphics being the leading thing to innovation. It makes things look cool and immerses you, but beyond that?

PS2 and older days, the developers couldn't make realistic models. They didn't spend year just making a soldier land properly after he jumped. So instead they tried to find other ways to immerse you. This is how FPS came about to begin with.

I'm not saying visuals are not important or something to be overlooked, but at the same time if developers focused elsewhere we would have a lot more fun games on the market.

RedDead2372d ago

Ps2 sure. Pc though? Pc games have been the same for a long time. Nothing innovative at all, all that happened was Console shooters became more like Pc ones, starting with Halo.

There's a few new ones that do something different like Stalker but more or less, FPS vary very little and haven't in a while, Bioshock for example is just System shock in a new setting, Cod4 is good but not that different, not enough to be innovative. Fallout 3 is more of an RPG, however if you want to say that still, Stalker was out first.

I mean I don't mind, what else can be done? I honestly thought as a kid, Blu ray disk meant bigger longer games in open worlds....not at all it seems, same thing with 'more graphics'

Redgehammer2372d ago

I am a FPS fan, but I do not want my games to be all out murder simulations, and that is a possibility with hyper-realistic graphics. I really don't like killing humans in video games, give me a malevolent alien invader anytime, or the stylized games like TF2, and to some extent Brink.

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AdmiralSnake2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I really don't think Next Gen is about Raw Power. Honestly Next Gen just needs to be about all games running smooth at least 60 FPS with no problem and 1080p wouldn't hurt either.

In terms of graphics ? I really don't give 2 shits about mind blowing graphics because I think this generation a lot of games looks beautiful. Uncharted 2, Gears of war 3, God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13, etc.

I just hope online gaming improves with the network less lag and more dedicated servers and get rid of P2P forever. If Consoles need to step their game up so do developers and their servers.

Killzone3___2372d ago

yep , but i still think graphics are importent too , especially on games like GT5 / Heavy Rain / Uncharted , gt5 is a simulater game so they need to make it the most realistic they can , they already made a big step by making the gameplay realistic , now they just need to add few cars that people like , put more stuff in the tuning , make the graphics more realistic which makes it more beautiful , put freeroam mode...etc

you see what i mean ?.. graphics are importent in this type of games , even god of war can have better graphics..

-Alpha2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Of course not. Sony is not going to risk another high-tech console and try to make up for it in the future like they did with the PS3. Its cost them too much this gen and it's much wiser to be consumer-friendly from the get-go, especially with MS and Nintendo breathing down your neck.

The PC on the other hand will continue to lead technology

Falaut2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I disagree. As long as the "PC" is constrained to its OS, it will not lead. Now core speeds, number of cores per die, RAM etc etc...yes, from a raw computing standpoint, it is better, but not when its stuck using rehashed versions of Directx 9.0c, and all you're getting on the PC is higher resolution and "morez shinies" with a higher shader version, with some gummie bear post processing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like the "console"ization of PC gaming, but when you have a monopolizing entity running the show, you play by their rules. How many OpenGL games have there been? Relatively very few. I gamed on PCs for almost 15 years, before I threw down the gauntlet, and went purely with my console of choice.

So to finish. Unless there is some great shift in OS market saturation, the PC is leashed to the xbox. I'm just glad that there are somethings PC gamers can hold their nose high about: witcher 2, and I hope it doesn't come out on consoles....

just my two cents.

Redgehammer2372d ago

The true definition of a snob is one who craves for what separates men rather than for what unites them. - John Buchan

I am not calling you a snob, but it would appear that you are wearing a snobs uniform. Why would you want what is such an excellent sounding game to be constrained to just PC? Seems weird to me, but hey this big world has all types of interesting opinions circulating about. I think PC gamers (especially the hardcore) will always have a "Mine is better and more powerful than yours" factual stance in comparison to consoles. Anyway regards, and I hope you do not take offense.

LeShin2372d ago

Not surprised at this at all. People are complaining about consoles now costing too much but yet some people want the next consoles to have better graphics. I think companies are tired of taking drastic losses when releasing new console with high specs so they are going to look at other ways to get you to buy their consoles...look at what Nintendo did with the Wii.

Bottomline, if you really want must have the best graphics money can buy...get a PC

White-Sharingan2372d ago

I disagree, the fact that MS and Sony are planning to have a 7-10 year generation means they can make a pretty powerful machine, without the high production cost. The fact that Nintendo is making a console based (or it seems) for the hardcore gamers, makes me believe sony and microsoft will step up their game. Make a relatively cheap but powerful console. Just please give me 1-2gb of RAM

CBaoth2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

cost and heat dissipation will be the deciding factors next gen.

Looking at Sony's financial reports this morning illustrates $399 was the sweet spot for the PS3. 5mil sold at $499-599, 45mil since it reached that price point and lower.

Addressing the RROD and YLOD problems, perhaps it is heat dissipation that will actually be the determining factor of how powerful these consoles are.

2-3 gigs sounds about right for Sony & MS's next consoles if you consider cost vs. heat vs. performance.

osamaq2372d ago

8GB sounds good and reasonable .... less would be a suicide... tech power must reach this number especially the release would be in 2013 or 2014 ...

White-Sharingan2372d ago

One can only dream about such an amount but it won't happen, would be too expensive to produce (in comparison if it were 1-2gb). Besides, consoles don't work exactly like PC's, you can see what amazing things the console can do with 512mb of ram, imagine four (roughly) times that amount! (2gb)

Active Reload2372d ago

8 gigs of RAM? $240...and then add the price of other components that go around that RAM and you'll see the price of your new consoles, lol. Although, the console companies might be able to get the prices down through buying a sh*tload of parts, but still, customers are going to eat that cost. And I, for the most part, don't think there are many who can utilize that amount of RAM in their games so....

rob60212372d ago

Hell no to 8GB of ram, they don't make Blu ray drives/ hard drives fast enough to fill that quickly enough - keep your 5 minute load times on the PC.

xDaRkModEx2372d ago


You know RAM alone doesn't speed up loading? The only reason i know of on pc is that you can configure the game to preload common texture onto ram. Loading faster is truly done by HDD and Disk drive speed as you said. TBH I didn't say that I wanted more ram to load faster. What i DO want is more texture so we can see better animation, bigger world. etc etc etc. But what do i know? I ain't a developer/engineer.

@Active Reload
8 gb is kinda reasonable IMO. I've seen (4gb x 2) as low as $80 where before 1 gb used to cost $50-100 for lower clock speed. IDK where you got your source, here's mine =

@White-Sharingan Yea your right, but try to imagine those game being x2 x3 x4 better with more ram?

@osamaq Exactly

@CBaoth true, easy fix from my little knowledge of tech, better cooler = less temp. Even stock cooler for the cpu market are decent enough.

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theonlylolking2372d ago

They support the gen for 10 years, not keep the gen going for ten years then bring out the next one.

White-Sharingan2372d ago

Releasing a new console basically means the death of the previous one, just look at the wii and PSP. That doesn't sound like support to me.

It's been 5 years since the PS3 was released, and it doesn't seem that its cycle will end anytime soon, now the 360 on the other hand...I say 1 or 2 years tops (usually when there is an absence of "AAA" games, it means its cycle is ending). Though if MS announces a new console, Sony will feel forced to do the same as well, to keep the momentum.

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