Disney takes on LittleBigPlanet with Disney Universe - writes: "In the Disney Universe - not the metaphorical ether connecting each of Walt's films, but an actual tangible landscape - players can don one of 40 iconic character costumes - such as Tron, Alice, and Lilo - and jaunt about hybrid game worlds as their favourite Disney heroes. Mum says it's just magical.

While the title might have connotations of the massively-multiplayer, Disney Universe is just for four players; and it's a game Disney is targeting at families, primarily. To that end, online play won't be supported, making Disney Universe a local-only affair. Iain Riches, senior producer at developer Eurocom said "off-screen interaction is just as important as on-screen" as justification for the lack of online play. For better or worse, this is a game designed around the living room."

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