E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Modern Warfare 3

But this isn't necessarily a war of nations alone, as the every so slightly creepy voice in the trailer suggests, this conflict has been triggered by "the will of a single man".

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stealth500k2612d ago

honestly who is excited about this?

Shallow gameplay, generic rehash.

PoulCast2612d ago

Two new developers, Sledgehammer & Raven Software working on the Multiplayer. I wouldn't say I am "excited" about it, but I am definately gonna take a look at the E3 coverage, previews and gameplay footage to get an opinion on the game before crying like a baby.

Rezka2612d ago

Me, got a problem with that?

meetajhu2612d ago

Me! i can't w8 to get makarov and see Capt.Price fighting him

CrimsonEngage2612d ago

Just because it's your most anticipated doesn't mean it's mine. BF3 4 life.

PhantomT14122612d ago

it's one of the cvg recap articles about the most anticipated games for E3, they also did one for battlefield;

Rezka2612d ago

I hate you bf3 fanboys commenting on mw 3 no one cares what you think so get out of here no one cares if your not getting the game what if I was asshole and went on every bf3 article and talk shit about it

kza2612d ago

Most anticipated lol.I can see the campaign being ok but the MP will be just like all the other Call of dutys. NOTHING new except maybe more over powered kill streaks.I wont b falling for all the hype this time Activision

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