GotGame: PSP Remasters: What I Want #1

Sony announced earlier this week that it would begin to re-release PlayStation Portable games on the PlayStation 3 console. These new editions are promised to showcase improved graphics, SIXAXIS configuration, and possible 3D support. If you already own a PSP, the idea of repurchasing games you’ve already bought in HD might not sound terribly appealing. But if the PSP software’s sluggish sales in America show, there is a strong chance that many of the handheld’s best games have missed most gamers’ radars. For many of you, this is finally your chance to see what you’ve missed out on.

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AAACE52640d ago

I really hate to say this, but most Ps3 fanboys always bash other consoles about having last gen tech and last gen games. Yet they seem to go nuts for Ps2 and PSP games with updated graphics!

Am I missing something?

Xof2640d ago

You must be a 360 fanboy.

I say this because the (obvious) truth is that PS3 fanboys, PC fanboys, 360 fanboys... they're all the same and all have the same arguments.

____ has better online!
____'s games have better graphics!
____'s games have better performance!

They're insubstantial.

Real gamers only care about one thing: how a game plays. Platform doesn't matter. Technical prowess doesn't matter. If it has good art design and good gameplay, we don't give a damn if it's a PC game you can only play with $3000 worth of hardware or an 8bit RPG you can emulate on a $100 laptop from 1999.

tablav2640d ago

Precisely. I'd much rather just play games and enjoy them for what they are. I don't care what system something comes out on if it's good. I'd personally like to see something like San Andreas Stories on the PSP, much like Libery City and Vice City stories. Sure, it might have better graphics on the PS3, but who cares as long as I can play it?

AAACE52640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

@Xof... Whatever you decide to do in the future, you should avoid being a detective or doing any kind of investigation!

A simple click on my profile would easily show you that I own Ps3 and 360! You should play L.A. Noire and learn something.

Now if you would quit jumping to the quick answer, you would see that my comment comes from a few years of watching how people have responded to different things.

I do side with the 360 a lot on here because this site is dominated by Sony fanboys. So I just help balance it out!

I come here because I can get all my gaming news in one place that constantly has new stuff to see. I don't care about the comments much unless i'm bored or unless I see something interesting!

One of my long time mottos is... "What's the point of being a fanboy, when it's more fun to play games!"

pepsilover_20072640d ago

am i the only one who wants to play chinatown wars on a home console lol

hazelamy2639d ago

i really doubt you are. ^_^

firetaw2640d ago

whats in it for those who bought digital copies of the game? will there simply be a patch enabling digital psp games to be played on ps3?

pepsilover_20072639d ago

it actually wouldnt be that hard to all they would have to do is allow access to the psp shop, because they already have the psp emmulator that they use to play pspminis on the ps3

hazelamy2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

some i'd like to see are the metal gear acid games, they were cool.
final fantasy tactics, a much better version than the ps1 original, and they could actually release the psp version on the store in europe.

and me and my katamari, that's my favourite version out of all the katamari games, i haven't played the ps2 original though.

and as for the two gta stories titles, i'd rather see hd remakes of the ps2 versions, they had better textures and graphics over the psp versions.
hd versions of those versions would be better.

actually a hd collection with all the ps2 GTAs would be awesome.

MrClyde2639d ago

Those are all great games that I hope get remastered for the PS3, and ones that you'll probably see mentioned in my upcoming write-ups. :)