Sony Still Aiming for May Japanese PSN Restart

Andriasang: Sony is sticking with its promise of a May restart for the Japanese PSN service even as the month's end quickly approaches. Mainichi Digital reports that Sony officials, speaking during an earnings briefing today, said of the Japanese service, "We have not given up on a May restart."

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Call_me_Ishmael2641d ago

Hope so,and i hope the rest of asia comes back on9 before the end of may too

TBM2641d ago

If the japanese government stops interfering with sony then maybe the store would've been back up this week.

This sudden worry over credit fraud, and identify theft now when its been going on for years worldwide is completely baffling to me.

They should just tend to matters of the state of their country instead of stopping sony from getting the store and the rest of the service back up especially in asia.

Kran2641d ago

Well May is coming to an end so they better get it up fast if they want to aim for May.

Shikoro2641d ago

I really don't get what you're laughing at. Japan has strict rules regarding this stuff as data protection is of utmost importance to them. It's common sense for the government to be acting like this.

I, myself, have a few Japanese friends who probably can't wait to get back online. And I gotta admit, it's getting pretty lonely without them... :(

feitclub2641d ago

Sony's silence in this matter is infuriating. The official response page to the hack/outage hasn't been updated since May 15th. Get it back online or don't, just tell us what you're doing, you bastards.

blackcat2641d ago

I feel the same way. I look everyday for some sort of word for what's going on, and see nothing. This lack of information makes me wonder why Sony is so callous towards it's closest supporters. Terrible customer support for Asia.

BLAKHOODe2641d ago

I'm beginning to wonder if people in the US have given up on the PS Store ever returning. Since Sony shot down the rumor Tuesday of it not returning that day and yesterday.. nothing much else has been said about it. First time in weeks.

DrFUD2641d ago

Store could have been put back up but Sony doesn't want to activate any regions until they can activate them all (Japan first).

So basically Japan is holding everyone back.

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