Xbox 360 Now Bundled With Monster Hunter Sampler

Andriasang: Microsoft and Capcom are teaming up for a promotion that will pair Xbox 360 with one of its most high profile Japan-only titles, Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

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vishant1012554d ago

now if only if this was an xbox exclusive that would do for M$ in japan

rlm412554d ago

It is a console exclusive. MH Frontier is only on PC and 360 - not PS3.

Darth Stewie2554d ago

It's not gonna sell for several reasons:
1.This game is has been out for the 360 for awhile now and people who wanted it for the 360 have it.
2.People probably bought the PC version already.
3.The 360 is not popular in Japan.
4.Japan loves Monster Hunter on handhelds more (PSP).
5.PS3 is getting a Monster Hunter HD port later this year and this port can link up with the PSP version which already sold a ton.

ConanOBrien2554d ago

Thanks you for feeling unexclusive!

feitclub2554d ago

Kudos for trying. I don't know if ANYTHING can get Japan excited about the Xbox, but a promo along these lines is smart. A price drop would help too, considering the strong yen means Microsoft could afford one. Why is Kinect still 15,000 yen (over $183)?