Sony PS3 Debix Codes for PlayStation Network protection begin

PRNews: We have a bit of good news for PS3 users still feeling bruised over the PlayStation Network attacks which left a lot of users wondering if their credit card details and other personal information were safe. Sony has now started to distribute activation codes for their promised identity theft protection service

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cero552644d ago

this is great free protection for a year.but i hope this incident will never happen again. but you know hackers will always be hackers.

BLAKHOODe2644d ago

I think I fear the fine print signing up for Debix more than I do the chances of some hacker having my credit card information.

JD_Shadow2644d ago

I still say they should do what Blizzard has done for sell authencators that display a random 6 digit code when you hit the button on it that you put in when you log in. Link the serial to your account, and make sure no one else gets that authencator.

Trust me, my WoW account has yet to be compromised since I got one of those. Sony should do the same. Maybe this is what it is, but Blizz's thing is a one-time charge (and it is able to put onto a key ring, too).

Emilio_Estevez2644d ago

what's an authencator?

For realz though, that is a good idea. Add it to the blog.

Killzone3___2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

i don't need to because i dont buy from psn :)...
the accounts i bought from them i forgot the emails and the passwords XD..