L.A. Noire 15 Hidden Vehicle Locations

onPause Writes: "Are you having a hard time finding all the hidden vehicles in L.A. Noire? Well worry no more, we have searched all over L.A. and found them all for you. Below you can find both images and a video that will show you where all 15 hidden vehicles are."

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Nitrowolf22552d ago

from me playing the game, it isn't even hard to find them,they are all on the map as a ? mark

SwampCroc2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

yeah the game is pretty straight forward.... even the interviews aren't that hard... kinda easy to tell what info they are hiding...

but yeah the cars... 3 lvls give you the locations and puts them on the map.... so no one should need any help finding them. not sure which levels you get the at... but it is 3 levels you don't get intuition points.