E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

CVG: It was the game that so fragrantly nicked the best bits from Modern Warfare, Battlefield, Operation Flashpoint et al, none of us really gave it chance.

But the sheer brass of City Interactive to spin an entire game out of those satisfying long-range shooting sections certainly paid dividends: Since its release last year, Sniper: Ghost Warrior has clocked up over one million sales on Xbox 360 and PC, with a PS3 version thrown into the mix a few weeks ago.

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Rybakov2615d ago

most anticipated pfffffffffft don't make me laugh that game sucked

Rybakov2615d ago

graphics don't make a game tho quality of the gameplay and story dose......which it has neither....there hasn't been a good sniper game since sniper elite (which not to mention was accurate as hell to real sniping....have to factor in distance wind velocity of the bullet you are using.....none of which are used in SGW)

PhantomT14122615d ago

They shouldn't have taken this title...
It's a series of article CVG write for E3, they don't consider Sniper 2 as the ultimate most anticipated game, they've done the same kind of article for MW3 and Battlefield 3 too.

dirthurts2615d ago

I really enjoyed the first game.
I'm looking forward to the sequal.