E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Need For Speed: The Run

CVG: With two very different Need For Speed iterations skidding onto the tarmac well within a year, it seems EA is looking to provide a double-garage of driving with a sim-based racer taking up one half and a more extreme arcade affair occupying the other.

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morkendo232612d ago

would be nice if blackbox studio re-make hotpursuit 2 make it HP3

-MoOkS-2612d ago

Oh, wow, EA are milking this franchise FAR too much now. The last good one was underground 2 back on the ps2

Basjohn2612d ago

While I'm tempted to agree......Most Wanted was a fantastic game. They got everything right with that one. Hell it still even looks better than the most recent ones but then Carbon came and everything went diagonal from there......