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Let me begin by saying L.A Noire is a very different experience from what everyone’s used to when it comes to games that are similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. This game doesn’t only enter unvisited territory but also does a good job at it. From shoot outs, to playing private eye or chasing people on foot and on wheels. L.A Noire has a lot going for it but is it enough for the people who aren’t used to this flavour of tea? One thing we can be sure is naked women, size 8 shoes and a hell of a lot morphine will be found in this adventure.

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Murgatroyd72640d ago

Definitely looking forward to this. I'm not keen on the GTA style of gameplay, but I'm sure I'll get over it. This is next on my list as soon as I finish my current game.

jrbeerman112640d ago

most of the gameplay is nothing like GTA.

In fact someone expecting a game similar to GTA may be dissapointed.

Murgatroyd72639d ago

That's certainly good to hear. I'm hoping it will be more like the Mafia games. Those give the impression of being like GTA, but they're much more enjoyable.

TBM2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Yes apparently to some the repetitive nature of the game is what's wrong with it; which i find stupid because games by nature are repetitive.

In fps all you do is shoot, in racers all you do is race, and in platformers all you do is platform. I don't see why this is being held against this game and not other games out there.

As for me I love this game beat it last night and I give it a resounding 10. This and heavy rain are the best gaming experiences I've had this gen along with valkyria chronicles. The last guardian will be joining this list since I love the previous two games Team Ico released.

Notice how my favorite experiences this gen had less to do with today's gen favor of the month(FPS) and more to do with unique experiences. I wish more developers would take risks with their IPs.

RaymondM2638d ago

I'm slightly less then halfway through the game and no way this game is anything less then an 8 or 9. The emotion detection alone is a huge step for gaming, and the detective work is damn cool to be apart of. Sure, you'll have to pursue on foot a lot or chase someone, but what the hell else can you do in a cop game? paperwork?

omicron0092638d ago

I don't get way this game was hyped up so much, other than it was a rockstar game. Have no interest in it.