SEGA cancelled Sonic Generations for Wii due to graphical limitations

SEGA reveals why Sonic Generations isn't coming to Wii.

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Shok2610d ago

Oh well. That's why it's good to be a multi-platform owner.

rezzah2610d ago

To enjoy some of the best visual games being made today you should at least own a 360 or ps3.

Dragun6192610d ago

Considering Sonic Generations will feature HD graphics, Sega's probably just gonna release it for Nintendo's next console instead. It wouldn't surprise me if they didn't.

AWBrawler2609d ago

I agree with Shok, but that's the lamest excuse ever, since the 3DS is getting one

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tunaks12610d ago

"The primary goal for the console versions of Generations was reimagining the series’ classic zones in vivid, high-definition graphics."

pretty stupid, so according to Sega the main selling point of this game are the graphics?
So its Sonic but shinier? I'll pass.

jwk942610d ago

honestly, sounds like you're mad. they want to make the game pretty, so what.

Jezuz2610d ago

No, it sucks that they're not making it for the wii cause of the graphics.

radphil2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

"No, it sucks that they're not making it for the wii cause of the graphics."

That's...KINDA one of the main reasons why people are shying away from the Wii to begin with.

jwk942610d ago

Oh well, you want the game? Buy a new console, if you can't afford one then suck it up and stop complaining that you got a limited console.

Graphics2610d ago

Wii already has Sonic colors which is the best Sonic game.

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gamingdroid2610d ago

Plenty of games are made for Wii despite being available on Xbox 360 and PS3 in "high definition".

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released on Wii!

electricshadow2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

That is true, however, to some people, how well a game looks is more important than gameplay. Sad, but true. I'll take gameplay over graphics any day, but I don't want my games to look like PS2 games if they're being released on current gen consoles.

MasterCornholio2610d ago

Make a game like Infamous 2 for the Wii and see what happens. Better tech doesnt just mean better graphics. It can also mean better physics, longer draw distances, smarter AI, better sound. There main reason why a lot of the games on the PS3 and 360 are not on the Wii is because of tech limitations.

Heres a comparison so people can understand me better.

1. Wii
2. PS3 and 360

Dont get mad when i say this but many of the games on the PS3 and 360 even if scaled down and ported over to the Wii would not be the same.

I believe that what comes first is gameplay but if you can combine it with great visuals even better.

MEsoJD2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

People need to stop using the term graphics so much and use art. The Wii can't adequately display their vision. Satisfying visuals that complement the game play is very important. Seriously you should check out the gameplay vids. The game is looking beautiful and fun.

People who use the term graphics aren't everything, normally don't see the bigger picture.

AdvanceWarsSgt2609d ago

You say this and yet Xenoblade, a game many people like you say shouldn't exist on the Wii because it can't display the developer's "vision" properly, runs in full capacity and is easily one of the best looking games on any platform.

In fact, I don't think I've seen an RPG this gen with comparable size in its overworld. So that tells me that its not about "graphical limitations", more like "developer interest".

AWBrawler2609d ago

And let's not forget The Last Story, which even has the near 360 level graphics to match it's huge world.

That game alone has called BS on anybody he play's the old "weak tech" excuse to avoid making games for Wii

MEsoJD2609d ago


I've seen the scope but that doesn't mean much. Size doesn't mean shit, if the rest looks horrible/bland. Seriously I don't see anything special about the game.

Really!?!? "easily one of the best looking games on any platform." Are you fucking serious?

AdvanceWarsSgt2608d ago


Now you're just being a fanboy. Games don't have to have high poly count and the best graphical effects in order to look very good and amongst the best looking games on ANY platform.

By your weird logic, Okami, ICO, Brutal Legend, the Metroid Prime games, and other games where art is the bigger focus than technical prowess are all ugly games.

But something tells me that you wouldn't agree with Okami, ICO, and Brutal Legend being ugly, but you would Metroid Prime, simply because it's Nintendo and you fanboys are so anti-Nintendo you'd say anything, even while being hypocritical in the process to defend your position.

MEsoJD2608d ago


Actually I like Muramasa, metroid prime, mario,and few others I can't think of right now that are pretty good to me. I do think the majority of the games on the wii are shit, but there are a few gems. I don't think Xenoblade will be absolute shit, but it doesn't seem like anything special. Your remark about the game made absolutely no sense to me, but hey that's just my opinion.

It's a real shame that there are so many bad games on wii, but I'll recognize a good game no matter what system it's on.

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yewles12610d ago

But the 3DS version lives?

a_bro2610d ago

LMAO thats what I was thinking XD XD XD

Nugan2610d ago

Yeah, this sounds fishy to me.

The Sonic titles on Wii have sold well for Sega.

I'm guessing the real reason why there is no Sonic Generation on Wii is either a) that Sega is already starting to treat it like a dead system or b) because they are working on a version for Project Cafe.

No way they opted not to do a port for purely aesthetic reasons. There has to be some financial motivation.

White-Sharingan2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I know its bullsht when they say that (not developing for wii because of the graphics) but isnt the 3DS more powerful than the wii? Read it somewhere, unsure if true. The obvious reason for not making a wii version is because they are developing it for the Nintendo HD.

MEsoJD2610d ago

The 3ds is going to run the game at a lower resolution, so it's understandable. Plus it may also be stripped down. It'll also be cheaper to produce and sell on the 3ds. I think.

Redempteur2610d ago

congrats .. you mixed the regular HD version and the portable version in your mind, same concept different goal ...

thus your coment is silly.

AdvanceWarsSgt2609d ago

I don't see why this is such a shock. Sega has always supported Nintendo handhelds with Sonic games, and they have arguably been the best Sonic games on the market and sold quite well.

If it wasn't Generations, it would have been another Sonic game on the 3DS sooner or later.

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