New Features Aren’t All Free in NCAA Football 12

Kotaku: There may not be any optimal time to tell gamers about all the microtransactions and DLC for which they can expect to pay extra in an upcoming release. But the official reveal of a game's main features - the stuff folks expect to come with the $59.99 retail price - would probably be the least optimal.

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dktxx22610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

When you release basically the same game every single year, you have no right to release DLC. Whatsoever. Nor charge for online modes.

shammgod2610d ago

Well Said....This will be the first year i dont buy this game since early PS2 days. I will no longer allow EA to nickel and dime me.

MostJadedGamer2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

This will be the first NCAA Football game in several years that I have played. Despite being a really huge college football fan I have always been very dissapointed in the series(and sports games in general). Hope their is some massive improvements since the last time I played it.

Anyway I could care less about the features they are charging extra for. Its extra online features for running a league or playing from a PC. So its not too surprising or too unreasonable to see them charge extra for something like that.

zeal0us2610d ago

glad i don't play this series, sooner or later Activision will end doing the same thing with COD.

badjournalism2610d ago

Anyone got a source for this that isn't Loltaku? I just refuse to give them page views and hits.