Crysis 2 - Double XP Weekend starting tomorrow

Starting this Thursday, 26th May at 9am (PST) and running up until Monday, 30th at 12am (PST), Crysis 2 will be dishing out double-XP across all three platforms! There's no restrictions on game modes or maps, so grab your friends and earn some new gadgets and guns... and lots of XP, of course!

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Warprincess1162431d ago

lol people still play Crysis 2.

king dong2431d ago

crysis is a great game imo. the best small scale shooter on consoles at the moment.

Kon2431d ago

Yes i play. problem?

BX812431d ago

Yeah I agree. I don't know how people still play this game on the 360. It reminds me of when Halo 3 first came out. That game was laggy as hell. If you're a major shooter there is no reason you shouldn't have dedicated servers. If your fans support your game by buying it new and DLC then you should provide them with the best servers you can.

Andreas-Sword2431d ago

This is a Double XP Weekend including contest prizes:

Here are the Prizes:
• Crysis 2 Figurine
• Crysis 2 Nanosuit T-Shirt
• Crysis Legion Novel
• Crysis Lanyard
• Crysis DogTag
• MyCrysis Sticker/Badges


Rybakov2431d ago

whew i finally bought this game today.....rented it for weeks

Jovahkiin2431d ago

Great i can finally level some :P

MasterD9192430d ago

Still want to try this...