Ubisoft Unveils E3 Lineup and Their Vague 25th Anniversary Plans.

Today, Ubisoft revealed their E3 plans, and it all kicks off with a press-only conference on June 6th at 2:30pm, just before E3 begins. At this event, all the invited will: be “treated to never-before-seen demonstrations of Ubisoft’s fiscal year 2012 line-up and exclusive new announcements”. Following the conference, both fans and press will be able to play some of these titles at the Ubisoft booth throughout the duration of E3.

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Warprincess1162676d ago

All i care about is Assassin Creed and I am alive.

AbyssGravelord2676d ago

I'm hoping they announce a new Rainbow Six game already, it's been way too long since Vegas 2 and i'm itching for a new title.

likedamaster2676d ago

Assassin's Creed? Oh God! I've played every AC title to date, I'm done with it.

Looking forward to the new Ghost Recon and perhaps a new R6V, even a new Splinter Cell would be nice.

Fil1012676d ago

rainbow 6 BD (binladen's dead)

junegore2674d ago

All I want is I AM Alive! Been waiting too long.