New EVO 2 Game Console will feature Android OS

Envizions has announced today through a press release that it will be launching the EVO 2. A new android based game console that will supposedly be available in the United States this fall.

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Warprincess1162676d ago

Interesting. I need to see more info about this before i decide to buy it.

egidem2676d ago

One thing is for sure though: being the fact that Android is open source, people will be modding it and rooting it to copy games.

Solid_Snake-2676d ago

lol cant wait for the EVO2 fanboys to come rolling in.

that would be amazing.

Oldman1002676d ago

Samsung 1.2ghz processor? Could they be more specific? This thing sounds like a smart phone put into console shell.

gamingdroid2676d ago

Sounds more like POS!

I'm not giving the product a real chance here, but seriously? It's GBP 250 for a console with no real support, has the innards of a cell phone and boast some random socializing features.

They have to seriously show me a lot more than that for that price! The Wii is a way better deal, let alone the Xbox 360 or PS3.

Holeran2676d ago

$249 for this? It hurts thinking about spending this much on a product with those specs.

White-Sharingan2676d ago

?? why make the OS android 2.2? That's better suited for touchscreens...and small screens. Give me a entirely new google OS for gaming consoles (like honeycomb and tablets) and I'll be more interested

Statix2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

I love how they recycled the cases from the old Logitech Cordless Action controllers for the PS2. They must've run into a big old stockpile of those things and decided to save a few bucks. Brilliant!

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