Player Affinity | Five Developers We Want Back on the PC

Player Affinity writes: PC Gamers miss out on all sorts of games as more and more of our developers move to consoles. It’s a shame that the five excellent developers below have stopped developing for the PC and we can only hope they return to the PC to provide us with more excellent games to play.

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yamzilla2679d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Well, Rockstar, epic and Konami all make pc games, and in 3-5 years I will emulate and play god of war 3 and uncharted 3 and any other ps3/360 game I want to in actual HD on my pc just like I do and have been with PS2 games for play ps2 games at higher resolutions with better framerates than you play ps3 games....

and here's some Devs you want on console

Blizzard (keep dreaming)

CD Project (just released the best rpg in ten years and graphics that make all console games look like wii)

ArenaNet (guild wars 2)

GSC Gameworld (stalker)

The Creative Assembly (total war series)

Red5 Studios (firefall...looks yummy)

tripwire interactive(Red Orchestra 2:Heroes of Stalingrad)

Icefrog/Valve (DOTA 2)

there are many many more, but me so sleepy

ATiElite2678d ago

You can keep Epic, Remedy, and Double Fine. I'm being really serious right now! They all have made nothing that I really won't on PC. Their best games are already on PC.

Konami - The first MGS was on PC and yes i would instantly buy the complete MGS series if released on PC. MGS:Risen is on PC and I can't think of anything Konami has done that I really really want.

Rockstar - all GTA are on PC. sure I want Red Dead series. Too busy with the Witcher 2 to even care about L.A. Noire but i feel L.A. Noire is PC bound anyway.


Sorry my fellow PC Gamer but GSC Game World the makers of the greatest series ever S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will be making STALKER 2 for the PS3 360 and PC but they already said "the PC version is the lead platform and it will not suffer do to multi-plat development because we DO NOT want to upset our PC Community so expect DX11 and an even larger game world".

and HELL YES Firefall is crazy sick! So many awesome MMO's coming out, heres some real-time game play footage...get ready to drool!

ATiElite2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Most new hot developers are the ones making MMO's which as you know have been a staple of the PC for years but they are now moving to the next level.

instead of simple MP games with 24 players most new PC MMO's are offering up intense single player action but on the same server as 1000's of other gamers for awesome co-op or PvP or PvE game play.

it's not so much as these or any developers are not wanted it's just that most Devs are not doing the games that PC Gamers are migrating towards and that's MMO's with real-time combat like black Prophecy which is in closed Beta right now!

chak_2678d ago

Only rockstar for RDR & LA N.

I don't give a rat ass about the other 4. And in fact I'm ok without rock*, it's not like I've nothing to play

Saryk2678d ago

Like I have said in many, many post on this site.

If every developer left PC today, there would be someone the very next minute to fill their shoes. And the same could be said for consoles. And as for games, I have so many damn games now, I don’t know which to play and I am a PC only guy………..

BTW Armada 2526 is awesome!