L.A. Noire Review (HotBloodedGaming)

"L.A. Noire is a game that offers an experience unlike any that you have ever had in a video game before. Set in a wonderful recreation of Los Angeles during the late 1940′s in post-war America, you take the role of the war hero Cole Phelps.

In the beginning, you work your way through the ranks in order to earn a name for yourself–starting off as a simple officer, but soon gaining notoriety after successfully cracking a big case. It’s at that point that you’re thrust into the role of Detective and the game gets going full swing."

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Co2-UK2675d ago

I would agree. It has been an amazing game so far from what I have played.

Kreyg2675d ago

It deserved it! The game was a one of a kind experience.