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armycore2610d ago

Sometimes, I really hate that guy.

LocO_o2609d ago

I justb got all the Pro Letton games and 38 more other DSI games for $40.


GamingBuddha092610d ago

phoenix wright will put him in his place

edsoliz2610d ago

I've never played any of the Phoenix Wright games, might have to check those out

Alos882609d ago

"Reason #5: He's british"
Way to go, you killed my interest in under a minute, you racist asshole.

armycore2609d ago

Making fun of British = racist? WTF?

Alos882609d ago

Let's say you replaced Britain with, say, the Middle East.
"He's evil because he's from the Middle East"
Sounds racist, right? So quit applying your double standards to Britain.

armycore2609d ago

Say it's "prejudice" against the Brits or "stereotyping" the Brits because that would make more sense, not racist.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go complain about some Christians, who happen to be white, so that they can call me racist as well since I'm sure religious background = race in your eyes as well.