Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 - Will It Be Better?

MMGN writes: It's heating up. The battle for FPS supremacy is reaching boiling point. With the Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer now online and E3 around the corner, we can expect to see the competitiveness between Activision and EA's Battlefield 3 get pretty tense.

Hopefully this increased sense of competitiveness equates to a better overall Call of Duty product for PlayStation 3. It's no secret that the Xbox 360 versions have been given better support -- timed-exclusive DLC is partly evident of that -- whereas the PlayStation 3 versions have suffered from their fair share of problems.

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rabidpancakeburglar2641d ago

No. When it comes to activision they prioritise with the 360 because they get a fair amount of money for doing so, I don't think that the new multiplayer team will change that

lil Titan2641d ago

just reading that title leaves my sides in stitches

Sunhammer2641d ago

Everyone needs to stfu about Call of Rehash. It's an outdated garbage annual scam franchise for gamers who have no taste.

-Alpha2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

MW2 and COD4 were generally equal on both platforms. Black Ops was the only real title that was noticeably inferior on the PS3. I trust IW to do a better job than Treyarch anyway.

They have three major things to take care of when it comes to MP for me:

-The Balance
-The networking (which they've confirmed will be dedicated servers, finally)
-The hacking (which they've also confirmed will be more like Treyarch's, which was actually virtually hack-proof compared to the exploitable MW2 system)

All I worry about is the balance/gameplay at this point. They seem to have the technical things down.

Mr Tretton2641d ago

Not too many people say this but COD4 looked terrible on PS3. MW2 also looked worse on PS3.

They build these games on 360 and port them to PS3, and this is an old story we already know

-Alpha2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )


Terrible? That's a huge overstatement.

The PS3 version looked and ran just fine. Where do you see the "terrible" with COD4 on PS3?

MW2 also looked the same to the naked eye:

Perhaps they were slightly inferior when compared side by side, but let's not act as if this is the only multiplat to do that.

Overall, the difference between the IW games is pretty minimal to the point that it's petty to scrutinize the differences. I'm betting not too many people say it because it isn't true.

Blaze9292641d ago

I don't think the issue was how well they both look but more so how bad online was/is on the PS3 version of the game with exploits and glitches.

xPhearR3dx2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

In terms of quality I think it will turn out better than Black Ops. Never played MW2 on PS3, but my friends have and never heard of any issues like Black Ops had.

Still think it's going to be a shit game overall. At least until they use a new engine (not just "Major" tweaks, an entirely new engine), which my guess is that won't be until the next set of consoles.

HeavenlySnipes2641d ago

problem MW2 had on the PS3 was the host migration and lag. In Black Ops, the hit detection is terrible, killcams show stuff that didn't happen on your screen resulting in your death, and host migrations happen if ANYONE leaves.

I remember thinking MW2 was the laggiest game ever. Then Black Ops happened.

xPhearR3dx2641d ago

Same thing happened on 360 too for both games. Black Ops wouldn't be have bad if it didn't lag so damn much. Sadly we will never find out how good it could have actually been. Then again, I hated most of the maps in Black Ops so I probably wouldn't enjoy it anyway lol

nepdyse2641d ago

I hope it is. I suck super hard with the 360 controllers, besides most of my friends are on PSN. Having owned and played Black Ops on both consoles, the 360 version is without a doubt superior to the ps version.

Kon2641d ago

I don't think it will.

Rybakov2641d ago

look at previous cod at cod.....oh wait it sucks in general

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