Infinity Ward comments on lead development platform and DLC for Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling discusses the lead development platform and DLC plans for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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Dart892309d ago

*Not at all, that's additional content. Totally different but even that is so far off, all focus is on the main game.

Where have i heard this already??Oh that's right the past 2 cod games>_<.

LOGICWINS2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Dart, I mean no disrespect but..I've seen you in a lot of MW3 articles lately, and you always leave negative comments(u even go as far as to spew negative COD comments in BF3 articles). If you have such a negative view of the franchise...why do u keep clicking/commenting on MW3 articles? I'm curious because ur nt the only one that does this.

Jack-H2309d ago

ooooo Someone just done got put on the spot!

ape0072309d ago

u know some people just love to wine and cry about popular games to make themselves look u know "special"

I cannot wait for MW 3, i hope sledgehammer prove itself and be as good of a developer as IW was and if that's the case then the future of cod franchise is secured, I really thought it all ended after black ops after all that activision IW BS

and one more point, I hope Hans Zimmer compose mw3's music, mw2 had some amazing soundtracks

Happy Gaming everyone :)

Rybakov2309d ago

you can't say anything positive about something that supports and encourages terrorism....not to mention it has destroyed gaming as we know it....but then again a fangirl like you wouldn't know games seeing your a call of duty player....your opinion on games is moot

TheFreak2309d ago

You ain't cool if you don't bitch about COD on N4G.

LOGICWINS2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Ummm...I don't understand why I'm getting disagrees. It's nt like I'm lying lol. Again Dart, I'm nt trying to start anythg..I'm just curious as to why you purposely set urself up to be dissapointed by clicking on COD articles when u KNOW ur biased against it.

"but then again a fangirl like you wouldn't know games seeing your a call of duty player....your opinion on games is moot"

Rybakov, who said I was a COD player?? I've never owned a COD game in my life. U see people? THIS is precisely what I'm talking about. Why do people make these BROAD generalizations on this site?

According to your logic, anyone who questions the why people vigorously hate automatically a COD player. Umm..could u explain that logic to me?

ape0072309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

fangirl? destroying games? , which planet u live on dude, the market is full of games, bf3 look awesome, R3, uncharted 3, donkey kong returned, bioshock 3, mario galaxy 2, gears of war 3, gta 5, looooooooads of games dude, man crack is one hell of a drug

InFAMOUS12309d ago

I am convinced Dart spends more time reading about games then he does actually playing them....

How can you be the first commenter on 80% of N4G articles and still have time to play video games???

Answer: You can't.

Parapraxis2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

"you can't say anything positive about something that supports and encourages terrorism..."
Wait MW supports and encourages terrorism???
Why is that, because it is depicted in MW2?

So any depiction of terrorism, be it in books, movies, or video games should be shunned and looked down upon?

Sorry bud, but it's a part of our global culture. It's definitely nothing that should be praised or encouraged, however I think you are recommending we not have freedom of speech.

Terrorism is something that SHOULD be discussed and trying to censor the realities of it are not going to help us do that.

If you think game developers should not have a voice maybe you should move to China.

I must ask, Where exactly does MW3 support terrorism? As far as I know it is about a global scale war.

goflyakite2309d ago

Treyarch said there was no lead platform for BO.

So unless CoD devs just suck at developing on PS3, I don't believe it.

gamingdroid2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Personally, I'm really looking forward to MW3. That said, if it is something I don't like, I rarely make it a habit to constantly go in and b1tch and moan about it.

Go play some games! Jeezzzz.... What is up with spreading negativity?

evrfighter12309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

i spew negative comments on mw3 on every mw3 article I find interesting.

I do it cuz I want to. problem with that? personally it's a better value for me to get hulu and netflix or amazon prime anually

then pay the annual $100 subscription fee for cod

Dee_912309d ago

I actually used to like COD and didnt know why so many hated them .. I really thought it was because you know .. everything popular sucks nowadays

but after I bought black ops it opened my eyes and I saw what was really goin on.
My reasons for hating the Cod franchise now isnt the same as everyone else.
So dont include in that statistic TheFreak

karl2308d ago

cod and activision represents everything thats wrong with game development this days..

that should be enough to not support this game

yet people keep buying it since its soo popular..

sooo we bitch to try and reduce the number of idiots who buy this game..

the really funny part is that most of them buy it for MP part of the game.. which its always the same

at least the campaign its new i guess

ConstipatedGorilla2308d ago

Everyone online hates everything. That's the way it works. I talked sh1t about BF3 earlier, but I recently looked into it and it looks quite good. I will buy both.

BattleAxe2308d ago


What are you complaining about? Name one game that releases the same amount of maps and game modes as the Call of Duty games do on day one of release, and I'll give you a doggy treat.

ZombieNinjaPanda2308d ago


Team Fortress 2
Battlefield 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2

Oops I named three.

X-DominusRebellis-X2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

So Dart89 you going to respond to LOGICWINS or not? I personally, think that anyone who is excited by this gayme (that's right COD will be a gay-game) is an idiot. That's just my opinion. How can anyone get excited over a game that costs $59.99 and whose developers are letting people know that they are purposely not including content but saving it as DLC to take more of your money? Seriously, just by knowing about the DLC should make any wise consumer ask: why aren't they just including the DLC in the game to begin with? Why the talk about an extra charge for more content when the game hasn't even been released? Think people, think!

BattleAxe2308d ago


BC2 released with 8 maps and 4 game modes, Team Fortress 2 didn't even have a single player campaign and BF2 didn't release with anywhere close to 16 maps like the CoD games usually do. Get you facts straight. When I talk about what a game released with, I'm talkin day one. CoD games usually release with around 16 maps, 12 game modes including Co-op and a full single player campaign. I'm sorry, but although the games you mentioned are good games, they didn't release with as much content.

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-Alpha2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )


And were they wrong? Additional content is different from pay-to-play

The past two COD games included DLC maps-- and they operated like any other map pack.

MariaHelFutura2309d ago

The past two COD games included DLC maps-- and they operated like any other map pack (just more expensive)



PS3Almeida2309d ago

Call of Duty -> Each time you break my heart

Vherostar2309d ago

Why would infinity ward be commenting on it?? They are not even making this game didn't they get sacked by activision??

Paralex2308d ago

*Sigh* And this is on a news site you visit frequently and you don't know what happened to Infinity Ward? Most of the original staff left IW and went off to create Respawn. Then Activision hired new employees at IW for the creation of MW3.

SephireX2308d ago

The Wii is the lead development console? What?

antz11042308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

The negative vote ratio on comments here that are pro MW3 are hilarious, as are the positive ratio for con MW3 comments.

Shows you how many people are just in the thread to troll.

farhad2k82308d ago

Every single CoD article has over a 100 haters.
It's just getting boring, either buy the game and talk about it.. or don;t by the game and shut up? Simple.

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Rybakov2309d ago

either way the game still is gonna be dated suckish and broken like every cod game

ape0072309d ago

yep that's why it sells millions day one

Nes_Daze2309d ago

Damn, that saids something about those that buy it I guess...I mean, I might rent it if anything.

ape0072309d ago

u have nothing to say except insulting its fans, u cod haters have really reached a new low

SuperLupe2309d ago

At the end of the day its as fun as hell even with all its flaws. Thats why its so popular.

I dont own any COD game but theres nothing more fun that being with a bunch of friends and playing the local multi from 8pm to 4am. Theres something that just makes u come back for more.

2309d ago
awesomeperson2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

It sells millions simply because so many people play it, most of my friends at school refuse to play any other game, they don't try multiplayer (or singeplayer) demo's of any game, just COD. Most of them feel like playing any other games will make them seem nerdish, just my opinion.

It can be frankly quite annoying when you know that they are missing out - and you don't have any real life friends to play with as they are too busy playing COD.

Now I have nothing against COD fans, they can like what they want, I have something against the game in general. Just how it sucks up so much money and treats the consumer like crap.

Oh and sales =/= how great something is, or else I'ld love my Wii a whole lot more.

Istanbull2308d ago

u are hereby ignored ape

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InFAMOUS12309d ago

As much as I would LOVE to agree with you on this, I am getting the feeling from the MW3 camp that this game will be the best release yet... Activision and it's developers have a TON to prove with this game. After the mess with Infinity Ward, plenty of gamers are paying close attention as to whether or not their favorite CoD dev can still come out on top without the creators of the series as well as the programmers that brought it to fruition...

Having said all of that, it does not excuse the mess of CoD titles that have hit since 2006.. The lack of post-release support and the INTENTIONAL mindset of Activision to not care about moving the industry forward but rather push it back to JUST above PS2 standards.... It's pretty bad when the PC version of the best selling video game of all time runs maybe 2-3x better on a high end PC then what it runs on a 5 year old console with 6-7 year old tech.... EW....

joab7772309d ago

I may normally agree w you but I believe there's a chance that they know they don't have time to battle b3 this year, but there's money to b made. My guess is that they ride the backs of their fans one more time. Next year, though, they must up the ante because dice has. Code will keep the lead despite whatever they throw out this year, but the gap will close and dice will get their cod4 moment. Then activision will either change the game w pay to play or new format to attempt to keep an advantage. Either way,they are probably working on a new enginealready for 2012. Remember, dice put out a game just last year also. And, I'm not sure west and zampella leaving altered course that much. I'm a little surprised they used the mw3 monicer but then i realized that it fit my theory perfectly. It is the name recognition that will help outsell b3despite the quality differential. It also means that things will most likely change alot next year.

Dart892309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

*How can you be the first commenter on 80% of N4G articles and still have time to play video games???

Dude it's called always having my Laptop with me when i'm at school and i usually play afternoon's when i have nothing else to do and my laptop is always with me when i play so i'm reading and playing in between breaks dosen't take a genius to figure that out.

InFAMOUS12309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

While as a gamer, I would love to say that CoD is battling BF3, it is just not the case.. BF3 will sell 5+ million copies while MW3 will sell 15+.. It is just how it goes right now..
With regards to the DICE game last year, I totally agree.. A few days ago, I made a comment how EA is doing the same thing with DICE and BF as what Activision is doing with CoD and it's 3 primary devs.. But as noted, DICE typically releases are far superior product in terms of overall quality.. You typically see an updated version of the Frostbite engine, you get a more balanced and polished FPS experience, while CoD has the exact same issues every time it releases.. Lag, hit detection, host migration, party issues and then they always nerf a few guns...

With regards to Vince and Jason, them leaving have a lot to do with FUTURE CoD projects.. Like I said, if IW and Sledgehammer fail to deliver an experience that CoD gamers are expecting then it could very well be the turning point the anti-CoD gamers have been waiting for.. Vince and Jason created and maintained the CoD that you play (or don't) today.. They are a HUGE factor for it's success.. Not to mention the others that left to help form the new Respawn Entertainment, some of which were part of the very core of CoD development...MW3, like you said, will sell based solely on the name alone. No doubt. But if it turns gamers off after purchase you can rest assured that the next BF will see an extra 10 million copies..

@Dart- It's O.K man... I don't think I was being serious.. What you do with your time is actually your business, I was just being an obvious troll! ;)

jessupj2309d ago

Just like the wii and wii fit have sold millions, eh ape007?

Nes_Daze2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

"We don't have lead platforms, we develop each version alongside each other. Xbox 360 is running at same as PS3."

They also said one console version won't receive unique optimizations or whatever they call it, we'll see about that at E3.>_>

EDIT: @Ape, I don't hate games, just not my cup of tea, is it a crime to not like COD?

KingDustero2309d ago

They always say both consoles are treated the same. Then why the heck are the emblems in the PS3 of BO out of order while they're fine in the 360 version?

It looked quite rushed to me.

CoD will ALWAYS have the 360 as the lead platform, which is just another reason for me not to buy it since I don't buy games for the 360 anymore.

Shaman2309d ago

There is almost no lead platforms anywhere.Generally big publishers(EA,Acti and Ubi) have dedicated teams working on each version,just assets are the same but there is no more porting.

MrBeatdown2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

"It's the one platform that receives unique optimizations."

So they are not taking advantage of the consoles' strengths if the same thing can't be done on the other platform. Funny, some people actually think this is a good thing. People seem to think a sign of a good developer is being able to make the game identical on both platforms. But the platforms aren't identical. I'd rather have each version tailored to take full advantage of the console it is on. Making one version better doesn't make the other one worse, but of course, that's the way everyone seems to look at it.

annus2309d ago

Don't worry, if the "unique optimizations" are the same as MW2, it will mean they can change the graphics from normal to low for bad PCs. They have taken mods out of the last few CoD games so they will be basically the same as the console versions.

nepdyse2309d ago

Total time played

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: 21d 18h
Call of Duty 5: World at War: 11d
Modern Warfare 2: 6d
Black OP's: 2d 11h

I've been playing less and less of call of duty as the series progresses. And i doubt MW3 is going to change that. But i'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

YogiBear2308d ago

Mine goes...

Call of Duty 4: 30d 5h
Call of Duty WAW: 1hr
Modern Warfare: 10hr
Black Op's: 10 minutes