Battlefield 3: Hey DICE and EA, Don’t piss on your players AGAIN.

SG; The 12 minutes gameplay video of Battlefield 3 (embedded below) managed to tame my short attention span this morning. The game is looking hella-fine already, and they’ve got another 5 months to polish it. I’m digging the earthquake effects, chaotic (seemingly realistic) close-quarters gun battles, and the gritty texture shown thus far. The Frostbite2 engine they are rolling this out in is really getting a strong debut.

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ATiElite2610d ago

basically this isn't a big deal. You pre-order the game or pay more cash for a deluxe super limited edition or whatever and your supposed to get a free gift.

No one is at a disadvantage! But if you wanna play the "Race Card" then how about those gamers who get into the closed Beta and upon release day are like level 20 and have every weapon and every map memorized.......this is not really a big deal.

FACTUAL evidence2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

What console was this playing on? Looks on par with kz3, that's insane! Yo next gen graphics, EA has no excuse for none of their games...

Klaykid1232610d ago

Maxed out PC. Duhh :p

I wish it was PS3 though :(

Wardog13682610d ago

The limited edition is at no extra charge. Terrible article.

socomnick2610d ago

Doesnt matter, there are region specific content packs. Europe pack gets an exclusive LMG and region specific weapon attachments for those who preorder.

Why fragment the community for stupid preorders.

Give every single region the same content on the disc no pre order BS.

Wardog13682610d ago

Most matching making algorithms these days try to keep you in the same region to reduce lag. So the region argument is kinda invalid(not that what you said is dumb or anything, I agree with you to an extent). Anyway, almost everyone is doing the pre-order bonuses these days. The article doesn't even mention your argument anyway and that's what I'm replying to.

CrimsonEngage2610d ago

Rather EA/DICE piss on me than Activision shitting on my face by selling me over priced map packs.

gcolley2610d ago

how about neither. this is the point of the article

NiceGuy1922610d ago

Hey I have a blog and I'm angry cuz I can't read argh argh!

TardcoreGamer2610d ago

Fuck it. give me an AK47 and I'll still pwn little richie rich faggots all day long.

ThrazN72610d ago

give me a pencil and i will still own little Donald trump pube hairs

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The story is too old to be commented.