LA Noire 'a very successful release'

MMGN writes: Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has said during the company's annual earnings call that L.A. Noire is off to a great start.

The executive said the game's initial shipment was "promising".

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MultiConsoleGamer2559d ago

I'll wait until I see the numbers. And even then I'll still doubt its success. Many people mistaken purchased this game thinking it was like GTA, when its nothing like that series at all. Even good sales are not an accurate barometer for real, public approval.

marioPSUC2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I've heard mostly good things from people who bought it. Im sure its a success. And why would they lie about it being a success or not, most companies dont lie about that stuff, if it wasnt a success they'd report on it not making what they were expecting it to. Red Dead was a game they werent expecting to be a great success but when it came out it was a huge success selling more than Rockstar ever thought it would.

And if people bought this game thinking it was a GTA then its their fault. The game was published by Rockstar, and a developed by Team Bondi. Game was never at all meant to be GTA

Keith Olbermann2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

This game is awesome. I think its geared more toward a mature audience and I dont mean boobs and swear words mature. Hopefully they continue to make games like this.

Pintheshadows2558d ago

I don't know if you have played ME2 but the guy investigating burglary, i'm sure it is Garrus.

ME19892558d ago

"Many people mistaken purchased this game thinking it was like GTA,"


t0mmyb0y2558d ago

"Many people mistaken purchased this game thinking it was like GTA"

I'll wait until I see those numbers

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LoneWanderer092557d ago

When i placed my Pre-Order i never expect this to be like GTA. I was looking forward to a good crime detective game and one thing that did surprise me is Free Roam, i was thinking it was going to be like Heavy Rain